Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Trump could be our 45th President

Trump could win. 24% Republican now, in lead. As third party, could get to 35%, not inconceivable. Let's say Dems and Repubs split balance. Jesse the wrestler Ventura beat 2 solid candidates in Minnesota gov race, which night before had Coleman up 5%. He's not Churchill but many Americans obviously like most successful man ever to run for prez who has backbone. He is one of my least favorites but better than any Dem by a mile. World on fire and record poverty here, staggering middle class losses, 93 million not in work force, half college grads no full time work, appeasement of Islamic terrorism, Russia and China on march. Do not attack him. Makes him more popular. Do not drive him from party. If he goes 3rd party, Hillary wins or he does. Polls 60% Americans want 3rd party candidate. On most important issue of our generation, this catastrophic Iran deal, he called it an outrage. Think he would have made this deal? 2nd biggest issue, open borders and millions flooding our borders and massive Islamic immigration, would he stop ir? Would he allow our economy to be ruined? He correctly called Obama Israel's greatest enemy.

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