Saturday, July 25, 2015

ALL BLOOD RESULTING FROM THIS IRAN DEAL, all the dead Israelis and Americans, will forever be the responsibility of Obama, Kerry and these Democrats.

The Jewish and American blood coming from the catastrophic deal will be on Obama and Democrats hands
Israel obviously can’t rely on US Jews. They are mostly leftist traitors, just like during the Holocaust. Traitorous Democratic Jews in Congress and the leftist Jews who support them will, God forbid,  give us new cause to mourn on Tisha Bav. Now we know understand how American Jews did little to stop the Holocaust. We are watching it all over again.
During a landmark visit of MKs to the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz,  Naftali Bennett asked "where was the US during the Holocaust?" Mark Langfan, Chairman of Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI), took the opportunity to cite Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial's answers to the question. "Israeli Jews must look to see how Americans failed European Jews during the 1930s and 1940s in order to see if Israelis can rely on Americans today," stated Langfan. "In the first Holocaust, based on Yad Vashem's historical analysis, the answer is simple: America and American Jews did nothing."
Today is Tisha bAv commemoration.
2601 years ago, the Babylonians (Iraq) massacred many Jews and destroyed Solomon's Temple. 1945 years ago tonight, the Roman's massacred many Jews and destroyed the Second Temple that the PERSIANS (Iran) let us rebuild. In 1492, many Jews were killed in the Inquisition and on Tisha bAV, they were expelled from Spain. WW1 started on Tisha bav which started the events leading to 75 years ago, where Europe aided and abetted the Nazis killing over 6 million Jews.
Jews who support the Iran deal are delusional, ignorant, suicidal, and fratricidal...
JStreet, funded by Iranian and George Soros money, works with terrorists
Polls saying majority of US Jews support the deal are phony. .
. The Obama deal gives $150 BILLION to the world's worst terrorist regime to buy any arms it wants and finance terror, including ICBMs, allows Iran to inspect itself mostly. The 24 days for inspections turns out to be 3 months or more!, does not stop their nuclear development, gives them guaranteed path to nuclear bombs and guarantees their safety against attack. No one ever said Jews were smart when it comes to politics. Their support for this deal is delusional, fratricidal in that they aid and abet a plan to mass murder their brethren by supporting this deal, and suicidal (1000 nuclear tipped ICBMs will be headed here, to the Great Satan, thanks to this plan. The majority still support this Hitler, Obama.
Iranian Commander saying erasing Israel non-negotiable and Obama pledges to defend Iran 

a.     If you can’t see by now that Obama is trying to advance Islamic jihad and hates Israel, you are blind and stupid. Catastrophic Iran deal will lead to WW3  36 fatal flaws
b.     85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
c.     Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies

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