Saturday, July 25, 2015

US Jews OPPOSE Iran deal. the Polls saying no are PHONY.

American Jews disapprove of the nuclear deal with Iran, and overwhelmingly reject the deal when presented with more information on it, a new poll has found.
The poll, which is the most extensive survey of American Jews and their views on the Iran nuclear deal to date, showed that 47 percent of respondents oppose the nuclear deal, with 44 percent in favor. But when given further background on the deal and its implications, that margin jumped to 58 percent disapproval and only 30 percent approval. The poll was produced on behalf of The Israel Project, which publishes The Tower.
Earlier today, Algemeiner broke excerpts of the poll earlier, comparing it to less rigorous polling data about the Jewish American community that has been circulating lately. In addition to showing significant opposition to the deal, today’s poll shows, in the words of Algemeiner, “that the more [American Jews] know about it, the less they like it.”
The survey of 1,034 people was conducted by Olive Tree Strategies on behalf of pro-Israel advocacy group The Israel Project. It claims a margin of error of 3 percent, and is the most extensive yet to be conducted on the issue. It comes as a wide array of U.S. Jewish groups have announced opposition to the deal, which is believed to endanger Israel and U.S. security. …
Speaking to The Algemeiner about the poll, Omri Ceren, managing director of press and strategy at The Israel Project, said, “The more that Jewish Americans learn about the details of the Iran deal, the more they believe that Congress should reject it.”
According to Ceren, the “poll shows that when you educate Jewish Americans about the downsides of the deal, which ultimately involve funding and arming the Iranian regime, they end up deciding that the costs are not worth the very unlikely benefits.”
TIP’s poll surveyed 1,034 more than twice as many respondents as other recent polls of the American Jewish community.
While nearly 60 percent of respondents approved of President Barack Obama’s overall performance, 49 percent disapproved of his handling of foreign policy (compared to 44 percent approval). Respondents disapproved of his managing of the nuclear issue by a margin of 52 to 42 percent.
Respondents wanted Congress to reject the deal by a 45 to 40 percent margin. But when arguments from the White House in favor of the deal, and from opponents of the deal, were presented to respondents, support for rejecting the deal rose to 51 percent. And once specific concerns about the deal were introduced to the survey, only 30 percent still supported approving the deal, while 58 percent wanted Congress to reject the deal and not lift sanctions on Iran.
The poll showed that the top two concerns about the deal are the lifting of the arms embargo in eight years, which will allow Iran to acquire ballistic missiles that are needed only as a delivery system for nuclear weapons, and the release of $100 to $150 billion in frozen funds, which would allow Iran to give even more support to international terror.
The polling data is available here. A series of charts explaining the polling results are available here.

There are 2 polls suggesting American jews SUPPORT the Obama Iran deal. both are phony.

. Total HUGE LEFTIST Bias in LAJournal study CLAIMING American Jews support Iran deal. If you look at who consulted on this survey - the West Coast Reform seminary of UAHC- there are likely two biases in both framing questions and population sampling. The first is support for J Street among the reform movement leadership and seminary academics. The second is the liberal reform readership of the Jewish Journal editions across the US.  

2. The JStreet poll

How traitorous Jstreet LIES The pro-Palestinian lobbying group J Street, which has been the engine driving the boycott movement, has been circulating a poll claiming that 84% of American Jews support President Obama’s position on Iran.
But now the fraudulent methods used to elicit that 84% number have been exposed. It turns out that the respondents were not asked about the actual terms that Obama is negotiating with Iran. They were asked whether they would support an imagina...ry agreement under which Iran would completely and permanently give up its capability to produce nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, that is not at all what President Obama is insisting upon, according to numerous news reports.
A genuinely objective poll, which asked American Jews whether they want the U.S. to insist that Iran be permanently prevented from having the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons, would surely find the vast majority of Jews in favor. http

     Most of those Jews supporting the deal (LAJournal study) have never been to Israel, and admit they do not know much about the deal. The Obama deal gives $150 BILLION to the world's worst terrorist regime to buy any arms it wants and finance terror, including ICBMs, allows Iran to inspect itself mostly and gives 24 days notice for others, does not stop their nuclear development, gives them guaranteed path to nuclear bombs and guarantees their safety against attack. No one ever said Jews were smart when it comes to politics. Their support for this deal is delusional, fratricidal in that they aid and abet a plan to mass murder their brethren by supporting this deal, and suicidal (1000 nuclear tipped ICBMs will be headed here, to the Great Satan, thanks to this plan. The majority still support this Hitler, Obama. The KEY for those of us not delusional, stupid or suicidal?

Jews who support the Iran deal are delusional, ignorant, suicidal,
and fratricidal

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