Monday, July 27, 2015

Only thing Huckabee said wrong was forgetting Obama is leading USA to the door of the ovens too.

Huckabee is RIGHT! Obama leading Israel to the doors of the ovens! Just don’t forget the 1000 nuclear tipped ICBMs they’ll buy to shoot at us with Obama’s $150 billion and thousands of suitcase nuks for 100 US cities.
Huckabee accused Obama of leading the Jews of Israel to the doors of the ovens. Democrats are "outraged at the rhetoric. The rhetoric? They should be outraged at themselves. Huckabee is totally right. DO NOT APOLOGIZE! This catastrophic genocidal Iran deal is going to lead to a Holocaust and nuclear bombs in American cities and Obama, and every Democrat who supports him, are complicit. Obama is as bad as any Nazi. I DARE anyone to really read this list of 85 examples of his promoting Islamic radical jihad and refute that or the list timeline of his hatred for Israel and refute that.
1.   Obama does all he can to advance radical Islamic, terrorist jihad. Most people realize it, they just are afraid to admit it.
3.   No intelligent person could look at this “deal” and not see that a third grade could have done better and not see we were fleeced. The Iranians are literally laughing at us. Every Israeli leader across the wide political spectrum is very opposed. Netanyahu and Sharansky is begging American Jews to help. This Iran deal aids and abets Iran's quest for nuclear weapons. This Iran deal worst catastrophic, genocidal deal by USA ever. It strengthens worst nation on earth.

Democrats in Congress. Every Nazi’s main excuse was "I was just following orders". How is that different than any of these Democrats saying "I am voting for a deal guaranteeing the worst terrorist nation on earth nuclear weapons because I am just following my president." The very sad reality is American Jews and America did nothing to stop Hitler until it was too late for 6 million that time and we are witnessing the same thing again. "In the first Holocaust, based on Yad Vashem's historical analysis, America and American Jews did nothing." Churchill BEGGED Roosevelt to supply arms and enter the war earlier and Roosevelt kept stalling. At least he didn't help supply the Nazis the weapons they needed for the Holocaust, as Obama is doing by ending sanctions and giving them $150 billion and no real verification.
     Jews in Congress. Know what a Kapo is? Which ones of the Jewish and other democratic members of congress will prove to be kapos,
ALL BLOOD RESULTING FROM THIS IRAN DEAL, all the dead Israelis and Americans, will forever be the responsibility of Obama, Kerry and these Democrats who support the bill. God will someday say to you just as He said to Cain after killing his brother: God asked him where Abel is. Abel asked "am I my brother's keeper? God said: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Your brother's blood cried to you from the ground."

     Delusional liberals say Iran will not use nuclear weapons. Want to bet 7 million Israeli lives and the lives of millions of citizens of the “Great Satan on that?” Iran will absolutely use nuclear weapons vs USA and Israel.  They have said countless times they are prepared to lose half their population for the honor of wiping out Israel, reestablish the Persian Empire and releasing the hidden 12th imam. Obama and the Dems in Congress are LYING TO YOU. Much better options to this catastrophic deal exist

Iran has promised to name every medium range rocket with nuks hitting Israel after Obama and every ICBM hitting USA with nuks after every Democrat in Congress who votes for the deal. Ask your rep if he/she wants those bombs named for them?
Churchill to Chamberlain after the appeasement of the Nazis : “you had a choice between dishonor and war. You chose dishonor and will get war.”
This genocidal deal with Iran is worse than anyone imagined and endangers USA. $150 billion from Obama to help finance Iran’s world’s worst terrorism. Clear legitimized path to nuclear weapons. Obama hid agreements just discovered. Obama in section 10.2 promises USA will defend IRAN vs Israel. 3 months lead time to hide stuff before inspections and ttyey can inspect themselves for much of it. They keep most of their nuclear weapons program intact. Clinton thought he was stopping N. Korea from bomb and looked what happened? Do these Senators and Congressman want their name on deal that causes a second Holocaust?   A nuclear arms race in Middle East? Massive explosion of terrorism? Their name on the thousands of ICBMs with nuclear tips shot at USA? The dirty bombs exploded in 20 of our cities? That is what this deal will lead to. Most important vote they will ever take. We will always remember how he/she voted. We can do much better! LOBBY

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