Saturday, July 11, 2015

Democratic Party are the racists and profit from increased racial tension

The Democratic Party is the actual racist party
Southern Democrats, not Republicans enforced segregation for many decades. KKK? Democrats
Since Democrats enacted programs, claiming they would help blacks, like “war on Poverty, AFDC”, we have skyrocketed teenage birth rates, broken families, 6 generations welfare dependency, huge percent black men under 30 in jail or with a record, 27% Black unemployment
When this enslavement of modern blacks by Democrats is pointed out, you are called a racist.
It is the Republican Party that sees people without color of their skin, has the fantastic Black members such as congresswoman Senator Scott South Carolina, Congresswoman Mia Love, Professor Thomas Sowell, Secr. State Condoleezza Rice,
Supreme Court Justice Thomas and so many others.
It is the Republican Party that sees the devastation wrought by the liberal social welfare programs and how they destroyed cities, neighborhoods, families

This is leading to murders of police:

Liberals cry racism because they always lose argument, have nothing good to propose  or want more money. : Obama is worst president ever and it has NOTHING to do with his skin color.

We have Black: President, Attorney General, Head National Security Council, Supreme Court,
Preferential treatment to blacks in contracts and admissions many places
Where is the real racism?                                        
Why has Obama had Al Sharpton to White House 75 times?
Why did Obama have Furgeson protestors to White House to urge them on?
Over 700 Police officers have died since Obama took office. Nothing from Obama. Thug gets killed trying to kill cop and Obama sends three aids to the funeral
Why did George Soros spend $33 million funding professional protestors in Furgeson and Baltimore?

The Wages of Racial Discord

The president will leave office with race relations at their lowest ebb in decades. His politics of division bear much of the responsibility.

One great irony of the current presidency is that Barack Obama won the support of so many seasoned political journalists—not to mention otherwise-skeptical voters—who thought that a black president would improve racial unity.

Since 2010, there have been over 12,000 shootings in Chicago. The overwhelming majority of both the shooters and those shot are African American. Yet the predominate narrative is that they need to fear cops above all

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