Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Democratic catastrophe

David Horowitz Freedom Center

"It's midnight in America.

We have a President who has deliberately lost two American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, betraying the young Americans who sacrificed their lives there for what they thought was the cause of liberty and national security.

We have a President who allowed terrorists in Benghazi to kill our ambassador and three heroes who tried to save him; then deceived the American people and their congressional representatives with a campaign of lies.

We have a President who has made America an international laughing stock through his cowardice in dealing with a Russian dictator; who has loosened our ties to our allies in Israel while enabling the Iranian Mullahs to acquire nuclear weapons; who has sold out to the Communist regime in Cuba, and who has made the world a far more dangerous place - for his country and its citizens - than it was when he came into office.

We have a President who has directed the IRS to use the taxing power of the state to crush his conservative opposition and remove the resistance to his plans for a one-party socialist state.

 "Every inner city in America is 100% controlled by the Democratic Party and liberals, and has been for 50-100 years. Everything that policy can affect in the inner city - schools, jobs, and public safety - Democrats and progressives are 100% responsible for. Democrats and progressives are crushing the opportunities for millions of poor black and Hispanic children, and have been for nearly 100 years."

Republicans and conservatives have let leftwing radical Democrats get away with what are nothing less than human rights crimes committed against the least powerful among us. They allow the perpetrators of these crimes to continue to call themselves "liberals" and to avoid paying the political price that should rightfully bankrupt their malicious cause. "

Can you believe how evil Democrats/the left can be?
They think it is virtuous to facilitate massive amounts of ILLEGAL immigration, when we have legal immigration. That ILLEGAL immigration brings with it many thousands of violent felons and diseases we have cured, unskilled labor stealing jobs from a record # of unemployed blacks, burdening our budgets when Obama already will DOUBLE all previous accumulated debt by al 43 presidents, burden our state and local budgets when many are on the verge of bankruptcy already, and lead to the MURDER of Americans. They think it virtuous for cities to openly VIOLATE Federal law and proclaim their cities can provide sanctuary to violent criminal illegal; immigrant felons. Here are another dozens
dangerous, evil views of liberals and their consequences.

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