Friday, July 17, 2015

Update on battle vs EVIL IRAN deal: Congressional Dems, Federations, Synagogue Movements,

Iran deal fight update:

This deal makes Obama the leading financier of Islamic terrorism in the world, and will lead to war, not prevent it. obama is working on end run around congress to go to jihadist dominated UN
Cowardice from Congressional Democrats so far.. Every statement says they'll review this deal OPPOSED by EVERY Israeli politician. see the pathetic, wishy washy statements here :
The Chicago JUF? Will investigate the deal and take a vote. Unbelievable. "Meanwhile, JUF’s Jewish Community Relations Council will convene a series of meetings in coming weeks for its 45-plus constituent organizations to analyze the deal and vote on a position on the agreement.“The need to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon has been one of JCRC's longstanding priorities," JCRC Chair Skip Schrayer said, "and we believe it is important for our community – through its membership organizations – to thoughtfully review the agreement and formulate a position, which will then be shared with our elected officials and broader community.”

So far Conservative and Reform Jewish groups SILENT.

Call United Synagogue (Conservative)  telephone: 212-533-7800
Fax: 212-353-9439 email
and the Union for Reform Judaism Union for Reform Judaism
633 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017-6778

KUDOS to AIPAC, CUFI, ZOA, Orthodox Jewish Union and others for fighting this HOLY battle vs. evil. Here are 36 major flaws in the Iran deal .

Call your Rabbi/Minister  and synagogue/church president today and demand they organize a campaign to fight the Iran deal. Devote your energy to convincing your members of congress which side is good and which evil.  What can you personally do?

what are you doing about it? 

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  1. They were silent in the late 30's and 40's while Jews were being rounded up and slain by the millions. Now they have to "debate" the issue. How preposterous and ludicrous.