Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why are people unable to see clearly what is going on: Obama promoting Jihadism,Stop the Iran deal

Why are people unable to see clearly what is going on: Obama promoting Jihadism, weakening USA and Israel and endangering the whole world?
1. This genocidal deal with Iran is worse than anyone imagined. Total concessions to Iran.
 a. as they chant Death to USA and Israel, which gives them $150 billion to accelerate their world’s worst terrorism already on 5 continents, especially surrounding Israel. They are WORST nation on earth., Even as we negotiate, our own State dept says Iran global terror undiminished
b. eliminates any limits on buying or selling conventional weapons including ICMBs designed to hit USA
c. gives them clear path to nuclear weapons with Iran’s nuclear infrastructure intact; key aspects of the deal “sunset” after as little as 10 years; 24 DAYS notice before inspections!!!
d. will lead to a regional nuclear arms race.
e.  Israeli Ambassador Dermer responded to critical voices such as British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Obama, who suggested this week Israel does not want any deal with Iran and prefers war. Writes Dermer: "Israel has the most to gain if the Iranian nuclear issue is peacefully resolved. But this deal does not resolve the issue. It makes things much worse, increasing the chances of conventional war with Iran and its terror proxies today and dramatically increasing the chances of a nuclear-armed Iran and a nuclearized Middle East tomorrow." Obama has been planning this since 2008 when he sent secret envoy to Mullahs to tell them they’d like his presidency.
2. Obama allowing open borders allowing terrorist to come into USA
3. Obama’s refusal to link constant terrorism to Islam, even though the terrorists always do, while bashing chrsitianity for events 1000 years ago
4.Obama’s orders that our intelligence services not factor in Islam when looking for intelligence
7.50 examples of Obama pro jihadism 85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
8.Obama gutting US military, leaving us unprepared
and now cutting even more

Congress of both paties: we have a traitor in the White House. Do your DUTY. Stop this genocidal, catastrophic iran plan that endangers the whole world. We have to lobby them to understand all this!

Please take action today and everyday for the next 2 months, by contacting your members of Congress and urging them to oppose this unacceptable agreement.
If you know them personally, visit or call them.
If not, go to their local office and lobby.
Write a lot of letters.
Ok but not great-email them

Sample letter

Dear Senator/Congressman,
     The deal presented yesterday in Vienna falls short of its intentions to make the United States, Israel and our allies safer. In fact, we believe this agreement will do the opposite.
We can, and we must, do better. The fate of 7 million Jews in Israel, prevention of terrorism everywhere and ultimately the safety of the USA, depends on us!

Do you want your historical legacy to be one of a few Senators or Congressman who turned over billions to Iran so they could furnish Hamas with weapons to kill thousands of Jews, Christians, Muslims? Iran has painted a target on the back of every US soldier and killed 1000 already? You want to hand them $150 billion to kill more? You want to help them get ICBM's to launch nuks at USA? Anyone who supports this Iran bill will FOREVER be known as an appeaser of this worst nation on earth.

6 UNACCEPTABLE CONSEQUENCES of this deal  Aipac points

The proposed deal with Iran fails to verifiably eliminate every Iranian pathway to a nuclear weapon.
It leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state, jeopardizes U.S. interests, and poses an existential threat
to Israel and other American allies. Congress must oppose the proposed deal because it would:
With this agreement, the international community would withdraw its objections to Iran’s illicit nuclear activity over the
past two decades. Given the restrictions that would be lifted after 15 years, Iran would then have the ability to produce
enough fuel for a nuclear bomb within days.
Agreeing to this flawed plan of action effectively ends any hope of stopping Iran’s nuclear weapons program through
diplomacy. Furthermore, once Iran becomes a nuclear threshold state, there would be no peaceful way to stop Tehran
in time should it decide to build a nuclear weapon. The world would then either acquiesce to Iran obtaining a nuclear
weapon or resort to force to prevent that outcome. A deal that fails to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons quest would leave
the Middle East far less stable, potentially leading to devastating conflict.
Our Arab allies fear that a nuclear-capable Iran would become the dominant regional force. With Iran closing in on
nuclear threshold status, more than a dozen Arab states have expressed new interest in “peaceful” nuclear programs.
Such a deal would encourage nuclear proliferation in the world’s most unstable region and would mark the death knell
of the global non-proliferation regime and its cornerstone, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Iran is already the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism, providing funds, arms and training to terror groups
such as Hamas and Hezbollah. The proposed deal provides Iran quick access to an estimated $150 billion locked in
Iranian accounts held abroad. If Tehran gains access to these funds – in addition to new foreign investment and oil
revenue – Iran would be able to increase exponentially its support for terrorism around the world.
Iran’s ruling clerics hope that an Iranian nuclear weapons capability will further their regional ambitions. Iran already
actively foments unrest in Lebanon, Iraq, Gaza, Syria, and Yemen. Bolstered by new funding, international legitimacy,
additional arms from a phased out arms embargo, and the capacity to build nuclear weapons in 15 years, Iran would be
able to extend its regional influence and imperil U.S. interests.
The proposed deal falls short of Washington’s stated goals, calling into question America’s global leadership and its
commitment to allies. For more than 25 years, U.S. policy has been to cut off Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon and to
pressure Iran to comply with its international obligations. Under the proposed deal, the United States abandons those
objectives, severely damaging our credibility throughout the Middle East.

We need a much better deal. Bring Iran to its knees through tougher sanctions until they GIVE UP their nuclear program and terrorism.

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