Friday, July 31, 2015

How can any intelligent person be a Democrat? Obama worst president ever. Catastrophic Administration

You have to hate America's poor, Middle class, the truth and the safety of the West and Israel and love Islamic jihadism to support Obama and Democrats

How the Democrats, Obama and Clinton wreck the nation and the world, hurt our poor, middle class, women, blacks, jobs, debt, businesses, college grads etc.

Obama and the Democrats have given us: record poverty. doubling all previous US debt. Middle class wealth losses. Growing inequality rich and poor. 38 year record % not in labor force. Staggering Black unemployment. Increased racial tension. IRS abuse of opponents. VA scandal.  More businesses going out of business than being created.. Record poor “recovery from recession” US economy sees the slowest wage growth ever recorded.  Obamacare cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion. Massive illegal immigration and no security on our borders and unwilling to stop violent crimes by illegals, 1/3 murders in many cities from Obama's illegal immigrants. Over 50% recent college grads no full time jobs. Record low # women in labor force-the real war on women.  Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies they knew about but hid from us. Murder rates skyrocketing in major cities. Record food stamp use. ISIS not slowed at all in one year. AlQuyida at record strength. Iran taking over 4 countries.  Obama flooding nation with Muslims. Obama wants Iran to be the regional power despite it being worst nation on earth. Our military being gutted and weakened. His unrelenting hatred of Israel. Incidents of anti-Semitism around the world at its highest levels since the Holocaust. Decapitation on US streets?  Shootings at unarmed soldiers at Army recruitment centers. Forbidding security agencies to use word Islam in investigations.  Muslim terrorism growing all over the world. Politicizes the Justice Department? Spyoing on journalists. Curb religious freedom. Inflames race relations. He abandons our ¬allies, appeases tyrants, coddles ¬adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast. Now he’s coming for Israel. Obama has always and does, hate Israel. The rest is diplomatic jihad from him. Handing Iran $150 billion to finance terrorism. Worst president by far in US history and supported by the Democrats. See PROOF for all above at

Obama worst president ever. Catastrophic Administration. Hillary will be as bad.
This is what we have after 6 1/2 years of Obamanomics
A.    Domestic Nightmare
2. More businesses going out of business than being created
3. Middle class lost average $5000 wealth
4. Record poor “recovery from recession” US economy sees the slowest wage growth ever recorded.
6. Obamacare cost 3x promise. Over 2.7 trillion
10. Exacerbating racial tension  
11.Obama DOUBLED ALL previous US debt by 43 presidents
12. Demagogues to scare away any changes which are needed to save Social Security and Medicare for our children
13. Massive illegal immigration and no security on our borders  and unwilling to stop violent crimes by illegals
14. Over 50% recent college grads no full time jobs
15. Chief Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber admitted it was sold to us packed with lies they knew about but hid from us.
16. Murder rates skyrocketing in major cities as Obama'd fuels racial tension and anti police atmosphere
17. Record food stamp use
18. Obama flooding nation with Muslim terrorists
19. record low women in labor force,
20. Massive Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of government at obama's directives

B.    Refuting false claims of Obama’s (phony) accomplishments and how Obama/Democrats are destroying America and the free world.
C.    Foreign Policy traitorous fiascos of Obama
2.     85 examples of Obama support for radical Islamic jihad
3.     Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy blunders
4.     The strongest military and economic power on earth, is about to sign the worst international agreement in U.S. diplomatic history.
5.     Timeline of Obama’s clear anti-Israel policies
Next after Iran, Israel goes after Israel
The jihadist Obama says can’t defeat Isis with guns!!
7.     Obama says Islamic terror has nothing to do with islam. So why is Islamic nation Tunisia CLOSING 80 mosques after terror?
8.     Obama gutting US military, leaving us unprepared
and now cutting even more

D.    Lie after lie, scandal after scandal WORST PRESIDENT EVER

E.     No respect for other 2 branches of government. “I have a pen and a phone. If they won’t do it, I’ll do it by executive action”  and Supreme Court?  Last week, President Obama made several comments about the Supreme Court’s pending decision in King v. Burwell, the Obamacare tax subsidies case, chiding the court for taking up the issue and calling it “an easy case.” But should the president be telling the justices how to rule? Historically, many presidents have criticized decisions with which they have disagreed, but very few have done so before the court issued its decision.

Refuting false claims of Obama’s (phony) accomplishments
The left/ Obama claims
1.       He got Bin laden
a.       He campaigned AGAINST every tool used to find and kill Bin laden
b.      It was the military who did it. He had no choice but ok the decision
c.       Much of the Seal team Six who got Bin laden were killed in mysterious helicopter crash later
With 8 Afghanistan soldiers aboard who were not supposed to be there. The support helicopters were given the order to not shoot back at the Taliban shooting at them, WHY?
2.       He got price of gas reduced
a.       He has fought vigorously against gas and oil exploration in USA
b.      The price is doubled since he took office
3.       He cut the deficit in half
a.       The deficit is still much HIGHER than the highest under Bush
b.      It only dropped from the astronomical highs he had the first 4 years
c.       He will DOUBLE all previous US debt from the first 43 Presidents
4.       He cut the unemployment rate. The rate is down because we have record # of people who dropped out of labor force and they are not counted. The unemployment rate didn't fall because more people were hired. The rate fell solely because the number of people who had become dispirited and stopped looking for work far exceeded the number who found jobs. The percentage of Americans in the workforce - defined as those who either have a job or are actively seeking one - dropped to 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, from 62.9 percent. (The figure was 66 percent when the recession began in 2007
5.       He ended 2 wars
Pulling out precipitously has led to explosion of worldwide terrorism, rise of ISIS. This iis part of Obama’s radical Islamic jihadism.
6.       Pulled us out of last recession
a.       Liberals caused last recession Obama, Barney Frank and Dems caused 2008 recession, not Bush


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