Monday, July 20, 2015

Where do Bush and walker, Christie, Trump etc stand on Iran deal?

Trump said the nuclear deal is "outrageous". He says Obama is Israel's worst enemy

on : “This is a bad deal that gets worse the more that we learn about it.”

A smoldering policy dispute over the Iran deal between two frontrunners for the Republican nomination caught fire over the weekend, as the campaigns of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and former Florida governor Jeb Bush traded accusations of bad faith and the candidates themselves engaged in a pointed back-and-forth about how a newly elected president should handle the deal. 
Jeb Bush
Speaking to reporters here Saturday after an appearance at the Family Leadership Summit, Walker said the next president will need to be prepared to take aggressive action against Iran, “very possibly” including military strikes, on the day he or she is inaugurated, and said he would not be comfortable with a commander in chief who is unwilling to act aggressively on day one of a new presidency. In his announcement speech at the beginning of the week, Walker had promised to 'terminate' the Iran deal on day one of his presidency, and Bush, at a town hall four days later, said ending the deal on the first day of a new administration was unrealistic and suggested that promises to do so, while politically appealing, reflected a lack of seriousness

U.S. would have 'no right' to stop Israel from hitting Iran nuke sites: Christie

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