Saturday, July 11, 2015

BIGGEST/MOST DANGEROUS LIE? Islam, including Palestinians is a peaceful religion. They are barbarian, genocidal maniacs who want to force shariah and kill non believers.

·      Obama/the left’s BIGGEST/MOST DANGEROUS LIE? Islam is a peaceful religion

1 Iran will use nuks vs USA and Israel (1)
2. Massacring Christians throughout Middle East. Only safe place for them, Israel. Obama could care less (2)
3. BDS anti-Israel college effort terrorist organized and funded (3)
4. Islam was evil from its origin (4)
5. Can never believe anything a Muslim says. Their religion advocates lying.    (5)
6. No such thing as islamophobia! because phobias are irrational and there is nothing irrational about fear and hatred islam (6)
7. It is a LIE to say Violent muslims are a tiny subset of Muslims. TRUTH: 81% Muslims SUPPORT ISIS. 8. leaders in slave trade through the centuries, child abuse, sexual slavery, mass murder, bestiality, anti gay, anti-women, (8)
9. Palestinians leaders are barbaric terrorists with whom no one can make peace. How can any decent person think peace with Palestinians is possible? (9)
10. Toll of Muslim murder Toll of dead? 590 million (10)
1. what percent of Muslims support ISIS. Answer 81% by Arab poll (11)

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