Saturday, July 11, 2015

The nightmare Obama diplomatic deal with Iran fast approaching. Congress must vote it down.

The nightmare Obama diplomatic deal with Iran fast approaching. Congress must vote it down.
Iran’s #1 goal? Destroy Israel and kill 7 million Jews
Obama’s #1 goal? empower Iran and jihad
1. As Iran chanted death to America and Israel, and our own State department yesterday proclaimed Iran is expanding worldwide terrorism, Obama keeps giving them more and more concessions and will make a deal no matter what, with the WORST nation on earth.
2. Even as we negotiate, our own State Dept says Iran global terror undiminished
3. Obama’s many lies about Iran deal

4. Concessions so far : Kerry and his team having collapsed on almost every red line they previously laid out — allowing Iran more centrifuges than Pakistan had when it developed its nuclear arsenal; allowing Iran to keep its fortified, underground plant at Fordo; compromising on anytime, anywhere inspections;  US drops demand for snap inspections allowing Iran a plutonium path; and forcing Iran to come clean on its previous work on the military dimensions of a nuclear program.

5. Why Iran DEAL must be defeated
The catastrophic, genocidal Iran deal is just about upon us.
1. It will make it simple for Iran to get many nuclear bombs. 2. It will facilitate a nuclear arms race throughout Middle East.  main regional pow3. it will ensure the worst terrorist nation on earth becomes the main regional power in the region. 4. it will vastly exacerbate Iran's already VAST support for terrorism in the world through: a. the threat of the nuks as well as b. billions and billions of economic relief to Iran they will use for terrorism c. their already huge network of worldwide terror proxies and Iranians.  5. It directly threatens Israel's existence, as well as the ICBMs aimed at USA, multiple dirty bombs being exploded in US cities
 6. Verification of any element of the plan is a joke since a. Iran has never abided by past agreements b. They have said repeatedly they have no intention of allowing inspections 7.Obama saying they will not use nuclear weapons is a LIE and nighmarish joke because that shows a complete denial of the reality of Iran's theology and willingness to sacrifice much of their population for the "honor" of annihilating the Jewish state. 8. Obama says ISIS and Alquida cannot be defeated by arms, but only by better ideas. Have you ever heard anything more stupid or dangerous in your life.  This is the darkest time for the world since the days of the Nazis.

6. Obama is a JIHADIST. Why does Obama so desperately want the deal? He wants to strengthen Islamic jihad. 50 examples.

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