Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How the liberals/Democrats are leading us further and further from the messianic Era

Passover and Easter both give both Jews and Christians pause to reflect on the goal of the messianic future. Passover because it represents the redemption of the past (freedom from slavery) when we read as a prophetic reading (haftorah) the battle of Megiddo Armegeddon in Ezekiel.. And for Christians the death of their God is interwoven with the expectation of the Second Coming.

The Bible says a couple of things about the Messianic era.
1. nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war anymore
and Isaiah 2:4

2. Every person will sit under his own vine and fig tree and no one shall make them afraid (religious freedom). Micah 4:4

How the liberals/Democrats are leading us further and further from the Messianic Era

How so.
With regard to #1,  nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war anymore " the complete failure of Obama and the liberals in foreign policy are leading us to a terrible war, and not peace.
The psalmist wrote "may God bless israel with strenth, may god bless Israel with peace."
Adonai oz liamo yitain, Adonai yivarach et amo bashalom.Psalm 29:11
The Psalmist understood strength first and then peace.

Under Obama, we have a huge explosion and growth of terrorism all over the world. He is desperate to work out a deal with Iran guaranteeing them nuclear bombs,

 Iran is the worst nation on earth and our jihadist president wants to give them nuclear bombs 
Under his policies, Islamic terrorism has grown rapidly and Isis expanding all over the world. 

Obama has reserved his wrath for Republicans and Israel, against all else, trying to force Israel into Auschwitz borders

and force another terrorist state between Israel and the Jordan.
 Israel has already given back huge amounts of land,and leaving Gaza in the hands of Hamas has led to 10,000 rockets being fired at Israeli cities.
and Hezbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon, has 150,000 missiles aimed at Israel.

Obama has turned his back on our traditional allies, so now other Middle Eastern countries, who thought they could depend on the umbrella of protection from USA, will rush to get their own nuclear weapons now, because they see they are betrayed by Obama.
Many understand that the forces of good in the world are supposed to be on Israel's side, not against them and Obama has sided with the dark side. 

Obama worst, most dangerous president in US History: scandals, lies, impeachable offenses, stupidity

Obama is not doing this because he is dumb, inexperienced, inept, crazy. this is all by design.

Add to that how Obama exacerbates racial tension in the USA,
guts our military

and weakens us economically.

We move closer and closer to a catastrophic war and a weakened America, because of liberal policies.
A weak America is the opposite of what the psalmist advised. Strength first, then peace.

With regard to #2 " Every person will sit under his own vine and fig tree and no one shall make them afraid (religious freedom). "

The left. has declared war on freedom of religion. democratic hack, pretend journalist George Stephanopolous is directing the charge for them.
recall when he interviewed candidate Romney, and out of nowhere, asked about whether romoney was against government provided contraception, Does not matter that there are laws abridging contraceptive rights and anyone can go into Walgreen and get a month supply for $9 or free condoms. Does not matter the 1st amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion and the US Supreme court upheld Hobby Lobby 9-0. Some private people and companies, because of their religious beliefs, do not want to privately provide contraception, but that is wrong, according to the liberals. The Democrats just wanted to ignite the phony "war on women", which they did in the 2012 campaign. Now, Stephanopolus  is back at it, trying to get Republican Indiana governor to say Republicans discriminate against gays because on 70 year old private florist dis not want to provide a cake, or flowers for a gay wedding. never mind there are a thousand other bakers and florists who would. never mind the liberals would never countenance forcing a Muslim butcher to be forced to provide pork chops to a straight wedding. This the left trumping gay rights over religious freedom. Never mind religious freedom is a Constitutional right, the law of the land, signed into law by Clinton, the law added by 20 states and a 9-0 Supreme Court decision. The democrats want to sacrifice religious freedom just to beat up republicans.

Obama/liberals/democrats take us further and further away from a peaceful world, and a world of freedom, to a place of darkness, tyranny, danger.

Jews, or any Americam, how can you still support democrats.

Hope for Hillary? She'll be as bad, or worse.
Hillary is Obama on steroids. Even worse than him.

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