Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wish it was April Fools Joke. Negotiating with Iran.

Netanyahu asks good question: How can US Negotiate with iran when they pledge daily to destroy israel?
Netanyahu voices outrage that nuclear talks go on while Iran vows to destroy Israel.  He says it is an unconscionable deal, and cessation of Iran's aggression should be non-negotiable. Of course he is right and of course it won't matter. Kerry has a long history of embracing the worst of humanity (Viet cong, Sandanitas) and Obama shows every sign of supporting Islamic jihadism from his earliest days

and is clearly the worst, most dangerous president USA has every had, by a mile.

Obama wants Iran to be a "sucessfull regional power" despite being the world's worst nation,

and desperate to empower them, Obama has lie after lie to us about them and the deal.

So disgusted with Obama/Kerry support for Iran, our traditional Arab allies there are uniting to fight Iran proxies in Yemen now, while Saudis, and then soon Egypt , Turkey etc will but nuclear arms to protect themselves from Iran because they know USA won't.

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