Friday, July 3, 2015

The meaningful way to fight Palestinian lies. They are trying to kill Jews and drive Jews from our homeland

Proclaiming Israel helps people, and is nice to gays and women, means little to those who believe palestinian lies about Israel. When the palestinians lie effectively by proclaiming Israel kills babies, the above response does not mean much.

Young adults don’t enlist in the IDF because they want to, they go because they know they need to in order for their country to survive. That Israeli soldiers don’t go to war because they get a kick out of it. That Israel is spending billions in aid money to protect itself with bomb shelters and the iron dome while Hamas is not using any of its aid money (the most per capita in the world) to do so. We need exposés on Hamas and Fatah corruption and how the many social justice issues affecting Palestinians are caused by Hamas. We need to show what Hamas is doing to not only gays but Israelis, and denounce their desire to keep any future Palestinian state Jew-free from an antiracist perspective. We need to show that not only are we indigenous and the Palestinians are not (they’re Arabs from the Arabian peninsula), we’ve also lived on that land continuously since biblical times, and that a mass Arab immigration followed the agricultural advancements brought to that land by the Jews.

This is the land of our people. We’ve inhabited it continuously since the 18th century B.C.E., despite constant wars and attempted expulsions by colonial powers. We are the ultimate survivors of oppression, which includes centuries of enforced dhimmitude on our own land by colonialist Arab invaders from the Hijaz (did you know the word “Palestinian” means “invader”?) This movement called Zionism, which emerged in the 19th century, is about reclaiming our ancestral land from its colonial rulers (then the Muslim Ottomans), and refusing to endure dhimmitude any longer. We did this by buying land from the once-barren territory, often from absentee colonial landowners from the colony’s Mother Country who charged us way more than what it was worth. We cultivated the land with new agricultural technologies that we learned and developed while in exile, and many Arab immigrants came from surrounding lands later on to share in on this prosperity. After the holocaust, the world realized how badly the Jews need a haven from persecution so the UN let us have Israel. This, the Zionist dream and reality, is the ultimate story of an indigenous population exiled from their homeland or made to live as dhimmis finally reclaiming our sovereignty, the holy grail of a social justice movement. The Arab armies, whose leader Haj Amin Husseini was allied with Hitler, fought us at every turn because to them, we should always be dhimmis and “know our place”. We refused to back down and continued this resistance, refusing to be violent unless provoked, which we are frequently. Much of what they say about us lacks context or are flat out lies. Oh and by the way, we share your values of justice, human rights, and equality, being the only country in the middle east where women and gays are treated as equal, and we give tonnes of aid every year to developing countries and countries surviving natural disasters, especially the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to whom we give the most and treat them in our hospitals. Even though the British gave the Arabs their own state already, Jordan, we’re still willing to compromise some of our land for a Palestinian state if they’re willing to recognize us, which they don’t seem to. All they seem to do is send terrorists our way and compensate them and their families for attacking us. How is that just? Why would this make us want to take down the blockade when they only want to kill us. 

Palestinian's LIE about Israelis. They are barbarian terrorist monsters who want to deny Jews our ancestral homeand, kill all Jews and steal our land. Once they stop that, and prove they will live in eace side by side with Jews, then the conflict will be OVER.

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