Saturday, January 14, 2017

Democrats use neo NAZi tactics unpatriotically contesting the election and declaring Trump illegitimate

When Democrats thought Hillary would win, despite her corruption, lying, taking bribes from foreign entities etc., they said if Trump contested the election, it would be “horrible and unpatriotic.”
She lost hugely in electoral college and benefitted from millions illegal voters in popular. Subsequently, Democrats have gone INSANE contesting the election and
-Hollywood hacks calling for martial law to stop inauguration,
-Other examples of the Democrats thorough corruption: --- Hillary’s cronies put the DNC’s “thumb on the scale” against Bernie Sanders. Donna Brazille gave Hillary debate questions beforehand. As Secretary of State Hillary gave more face-time to foreign supplicants based on their contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and expedited arms deals for especially big givers. She collected millions in speaking fees for sucking up to Too-Big-To-Fail bankers. The Times and The WashPo and CNN reporters were taking direction from Hillary’s PR operatives. White House coordinated effort to hire thigs to incite violence at Trump rallies. Democrats are becoming fascistic monsters. Moving steadily towards Nazi, Stalins, Maoist, Pol Pot, tactics

Some examples of the growing fascism of the Democratic Party. Pure evil.
-DNC emails leaked by wikileaks shows disdain for Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals, Hispanics, blacks.
-beat up Trump supporters
-threaten to assassinate Trump and rape Melania
-get Hillary off by having Justice Dept Head meet with Bill on private plane days before FBI is to decide on guilt
-commit vandalism to make it look like Trump supporters did it
- Nazi love George Soros is 3rd biggest donor to Hillary-funds rioters at Furgeson, Baltimore and after election
-White House coordinates efforts to use of IRS to bully opponents
-dozens of scandals covered up by colluding press
-wants to end free speech. Want to criminalize arguments about phony climate change and criticism of the real dangers of radical Islam
-Democrats attack free speech and assembly
-embrace the narrative of police hating blacklivesmatter , which is based on lies, which endangers police and leads to rising murder rates

+++ their idiotic policies hurt the USA and the world 
Obama was the worst US President ever and Hillary doubled down on his disastrous presidency.
Democratic NIGHTMARE: under 8 years of Obama: Record poverty/growing income inequality/record low labor participation rate/middle class lost wealth/health care premiums skyrocket/murder rate skyrockets/murder of police/race riots/Islamic terror mass murders/allies alienated/our adversaries and enemies: Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, N. Korea, Islamic terrorists, all flourish/military gutted/massive business killing regulations cost economy $4 trillion/veterans abuse not fixed/infrastructure not fixed/world’s highest corporate tax/Obama forbids drilling makes us more dependent on foreign oil/catastrophic Iran deal. They caused the 2008 economic meltdown but blamed George Bush.., use of IRS to bully opponents, $85 million tax payer dollars on personal vacations
Hillary lost election because:
1. She is thoroughly corrupt and most Americans know it
2. She is thoroughly disliked by most
3. She had no policy ideas. Her only campaign was “Trump is bad”
4. She doubled down on disastrous worst ever president Obama. America overwhelmingly wanted change.
5. Most Americans realize she was an incompetent, dangerous Secretary of State
6. Trump had many ideas that most Americans want.
7. Many American realize the Democrats lies about Trump are, lies!
8. Most Americans realize FBI Comey helped her by not indicting her when he clearly wanted to, but was pressured not to by his boss, Loretta Lynch and her boss, Obama.

The great danger to America now is how fascistic Democrats have become, contesting the election. As Hillary said, this is horrifying and unpatriotic.


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