Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Why is AIPAC still meeting with PLO?

Wiesenthal says 2334 abstention by obama was MOST ANTI SEMITIC ACT in world 2016. SO WHY, just days after 2334 passed, AIPAC officials and missions were meeting with Erekat and other PLO operatives in Ramallah, as if there is anything pro-Israel about meeting with people who just got the Security Council to resolve that Israel is a criminal state, as caroline Glick wrote in Jer. Post. AIPAC wants to keep Democrats in the tent. That ship has sailed. Nearly 40% of House Democrats including minority leader Nancy Pelosi and assistant leader Jim Clyburn voted against the PLO state supporting resolution of Congress.
Rep. Keith Ellison, who is the front-runner to be elected Democratic National Committee chairman later this month, also voted no. Two thirds of the 95 Democrats supported by J Street opposed the resolution.

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