Sunday, January 29, 2017

Refugees 101

Refugees 101 Democrats argument is IMMORAL.
1.       Every nation has a moral right to determine who comes in to their country. Democrats ignore it. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. Illegal entrance is NOT the same as legal entrance.
2.       America has been a very generous nation, allowing 1,000,000 legally in each year. We should those who follow legal procedures take a back seat to the illegals who come in? Europe is exhibit A that Isis smuggles monsters in with refugee population and wreaking havoc. Isis promises the same to us. ALL our intelligence services say we cannot vet them properly. . Democrats and leftists response to Trump's Executive action trying to protect us from Isis terrorists infiltrating with "refugees" essentially is to say "let them all in. we don't care how many Americans die, does not matter we cannot vet them safely." Boston bombers, san bernardino, Orlando killers etc were all “vetted
3.       There is no "Muslim ban." There is a ban from countries with high levels of terrorist activity. It's not our fault those just happen to be almost entirely Islamic..
4.       Obama/Hillary stopped Iraqi immigrants for 6 months in 2011. Why was ok then and not now?
5.       Those claiming opponents to open borders are heartless are actually the heartless ones themselves. They evidently do not care about the violence, crimes, welfare costs, medical costs, casually related to the illegals.
6.       No Muslim nation has taken ANY refugees.

7.       Most of the refugees support shariah and jihad, a grave danger to us.

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