Saturday, January 21, 2017

"What's in. What out.

What's in. What out.
IN: Patriotism. Freedom. Religion. Prayer.
Style. Military strength. American exceptionalism. Israel. Free speech. Under budget. Economic growth. Deregulation. Massive cuts to size of government. Winston Churchill's bust. Jewish Jerusalem. Honoring veterans, taking care of them.
OUT: Soros. Identity politics. Clintons. Obamas. Fascism. Weaken military. Islamic jihad. Anti Christianity/Judaism. JStreet. Presidential apology tours. Globalization. Open borders. Sanctuary cities. Bowing before the Saudi King. Iran lobby running foreign affairs.
Record poverty. Doubling debt. Fake fighting ISIS. Firing our top commanders. Highest world corporate tax. Record business killing regulations. IRS abusing conservative and pro Israel groups. Terrorist Palestinians not held accountable. Obanacare. Iran deal.

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