Sunday, January 1, 2017

Thought Dershowitz was smart. NOT. Says will quit Democrats if Ellison named.

I thought this guy was smart. So all the deplorable, illegal, violent, monstrous things Democrats have done so far have not turned you? Record poverty/record anemic growth over 8 years/iran deal/UN resolution/military gutted/N Korea/IRS scandal/hacked emails show anti Semite and racism at DNC/ on and on and on

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  1. My former classmate, Alan Dershowitz seems to be irrationally and emotionally unable to disconnect from what has become the Party of Jew hatred. I suspect his mother who was the major influence on his life, was a union loving Democrat, and his emotional connection to her is sustained via his Party affiliation even though it flies in the face of everything else he stands for. Aman can be smart and unwise at the same time.