Monday, January 16, 2017

Why the anti-Trump protesters are wrong. You’ve been CONNED, lied to, scammed.

Why the anti-Trump protesters are wrong. You’ve been CONNED, lied to, scammed.
To the violent protesters and the crybabies in mourning leftists: you are WRONG on every complaint. You have it backwards.
Radical Saul Alinsky called your types "useful idiots."
1. Trump has been in public eye and never once accused of racism or bigotry until the Democrats do what they ALWAYS do: accuse the opponent of racism because they lose on all the real issues. He has employed thousands of minorities and women who adore him.
2. The same charges were made about Reagan and he was the best president in 100 years. More freedom, booming economy, ended Cold War. You make the same lying phony charges against every Republican candidate because you have nothing else.
3. Democrats have always been racists. KKK, slave trade, opposition to civil rights were all democrats. President LBJ bragged he went ahead with civil rights to con blacks. Republicans fought always to end slavery and end bigotry.…/democratic-party-racist-his…
4. Wikileaks PROVES the leadership of the Democratic National Committee are racists, bigots, anti-Semites, made fun of Catholics, Evangelicals, Republicans, Hispanics.…/boggles-mind-decent…
WHY don’t you care?
5. Hillary often made anti-Semitic, anti-disabled, racist comments in private and took money of hundreds of millions from nations that throw gays off of roofs and mistreat women and hate Jews. She thinks a huge part of America are irredeemable deplorables.
6. Hillary's campaign was "ok I'm incompetent, corrupt, a liar, bribe taker, reckless and negligent with our secrets, murderer, psychotic, and I wholeheartedly endorse Obama's worst ever presidency, but vote for me because I'm a woman and Trump is terrible." Did not work. How can you support this Hillary monster?
7. Many of these protesters are hired thugs to create mayhem and anarchy, paid for by Hillary’s top donor, George Soros. Project Veritas proves White House and Hillary directed the hiring of thugs to INCITE violence at trump rallies to make Trump look bad.…/caught-tape-clinton-funded-democ…
8. Hillary embraces Obama’s legacy of RECORD POVERTY, GROWING INEQUALITY, increased tension, doubling of debt. Why don’t you care? Obama has left the nation and world much worse off. Worst president ever by every measure. Hillary would have continued these horrible policies.
9. It is the Democrats who threaten rights. Right to free speech, right to assemble, right to gun ownership. They use Nazi-like tactics to suppress conservatives.
10. So many Democratic leaders are abusers of women. Rapist Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy killed Mary Joe, catch me coming adultery Gary Hart, JFK sharing Marilyn with mafia don, John Edwards, etc.
11. Trump came very close, in this election, with women voters, college educated and did better than Romney with minorities, Hispanics, women,
12. It wasn't biased media, Russians, FBI, or whatever other lame excuses crybaby left uses. Hillary lost Electoral College blowout despite massive illegal alien votes and FBI hack Soros massive funding because, on the top 3 issues Americans cared about, POLLS show Trump was preferred. 1. Economy 2. National security and terrorism. 3. Change from Obama policies. Obama was worst US Prez ever and Hillary doubled down on his disastrous presidency. She was a completely corrupt, incompompetent, lying candidate and many Americans understood that.
Let Democrats live in LA la land and blame everything but the truth. They'll just keep on losing. Since Obama, they lost Presidency, both Houses of Congress, 2/3rds Governors now GOP, and lost 900 State legislators. America has woken up. BUT Left will never stop trying to regain power. Freedom requires eternal vigilance. 

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