Friday, January 6, 2017

Russian hacking and the election. The pertinent points.

Hillary's #3 top donor, Nazi lover Soros, was main foreign influence manipulating elections.

Russian hacking and the election. The pertinent points.
1.       No one suggests there was interference with the votes, or that hacking persuaded Hillary to commit felonies, or not visit Wisconsin, or have a life of scandals, etc.
2.       We cannot trust intelligence community that Russia is behind this.
a.       Tragically our intelligence agencies have never been good. Missed most big stories: 9-11. Fall of Soviets etc.  and
b.      FBI clearly corrupted. Best example is Loretta lynch, FBI Director Comey’s boss, meeting on plane with Bill Clinton on day before Comey reported on whether to prosecute Hillary. Most attorneys say Hillary should have been prosecuted on multiple felonies. +Comey has ties to the Clinton Foundation.
c.       IRS clearly politicized directly from White House, harassing Democrats opponents. IRS Director visited White house hundreds of times. Why?
e.      Assange says it was NOT Russia
f.        TODAY FBI revealed DNC would not give them direct access to “hacked” computers.
g.  America's top intelligence official just laid waste to the Democrats' latest attempt to undermine President-elect Donald Trump. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified Thursday on Capitol Hill that there is no evidence that Russian hacking handed the election to Trump
3.       This is clearly political.
a.       Obama couldn’t care less while he thought Hillary would win.  This is DISTRACTION aimed at trying to delegitimize Trump’s election. They tried threatening electors of Electoral College, riots and protests, smearing and defaming him, recounts etc, all AFTER Hillary had said anyone who challenged the election is unAmerican.
b.      They main question is what do the hacks reveal?
1.       Podesta, her campaign manager is stupid. His password was “password”.
2.       Wikileaks showed DNC officials racist, anti-semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Evangelical, hated to Netanyah, conspiring and colluding with MEDIA against Sanders and Republicans,

3.       Our cybersecurity stinks and Obama did NOTHING about it.

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