Saturday, January 14, 2017

The well financed plan to disrupt the inauguration

They intend to use ACID.

Head's up, all Patriots and Deplorables. Here are the actual plans and schedules of the subversive opposition.
Fred Brauer
13 hrs ·
OK! PATRIOTS!!!! I told you a few weeks ago I created a bogus email account to get info from Michael Moore's "Disrupt J20" action to disrupt the Inauguration of Donald Trump. So, here's what I have so far . . . . . .
Dear Friends,
President-Elect Trump is a meme that’s gone too far. We’re here to organize, fight back, and mobilize the public with a very clear message: “No business as usual.” The Disrupt J20 crew is organizing direct actions, mass housing, medical support, convergence spaces, legal support, and an action camp / training the weekend before the Inauguration. Full details are below.
Jan. 14-16 (Sat-Mon)
Time TBA: J20 Action Camp (American University)
Jan. 15 (Sun)
Time TBA: J20 Action Camp (American University)
Jan. 16 (Mon)
Time TBA: J20 Action Camp (St. Stephen’s Church)
Jan. 18 (Wed)
Time TBA: Climate Convergence
Jan. 19 (Thur)
Time TBA: Disrupt J20 Spokescouncil
Time TBA: Nonviolence Trainings
8pm: Protest the Fascist Alt-Right "Deploraball" (National Press Club)
Jan. 20 (Fri)
3am – 10am: Various blockades organized around issues and communities – Climate, Racial Justice, Trade Justice, Economic Justice, Communities Under Attack, Labor, Anti-War and Palestine, and many more (DC, Maryland, Virginia, & West Virginia)
9am – 5pm: Disrupt J20 convergence space and action camp (McPherson Square)
10am: Anti-Capitalist & Anti-Fascist Bloc (Logan Circle)
12pm: Festival of Resistance March & Rally (Columbus Circle)
3pm & after: Additional actions still being planned!
We have secured space for mass housing at a local church from Sun, Jan. 14, to Sat, Jan. 21.
Please bring a sleeping bag and anything else you need to be comfortable. We will post community guidelines that all utilizing the mass housing option will be expected to follow to ensure everyone’s safety.
To receive further updates and reminders about mass housing, please RSVP here. If you’re interested in coordinating separate housing in DC for your group, please visit this housing board.
We will have a great medic crew attending medical needs for the week, with a medical office near McPherson Sq. If you’d like to get involved, please email
Throughout the week, we will provide various convergence spaces for meetings and trainings. From Jan. 14-16, our convergence space will be at the J20 Action Camp location. From Jan. 17-19, our convergence space will be located at our mass housing location. On Jan. 20, our convergence space will be at McPherson Square.
We are organizing a legal hotline, which will go live prior to the 20th. The National Lawyers Guild is independently organizing legal observers for J20 mobilizations.
From January 14-16, Disrupt J20 will hold a series of trainings and workshops in DC to prepare people for upcoming actions, including those around the Inauguration. We will collectively analyze and discuss why resistance and action is important under the Trump administration, how we can resist, and what future our actions are building towards.
We will lead workshops on Nonviolent Direct Action, Know Your Rights, Street Safety, De-escalation, Community & Workplace Organizing, and many more topics. More information and a full schedule will be distributed shortly.
The J20 Action Camp will be held at American University on Jan. 14-15, and at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church on Jan. 16. To sign up for the J20 Action Camp, please RSVP here.
We’ll see you in DC on J20 (or before),
The Counter-Inauguration Welcoming Committee & Disrupt J20 crew

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