Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Obama’s legacy: Jimmy Carter turns over WORST PRESIDENT EVER AWARD to Obama who wins it hands down

Obama’s legacy: Jimmy Carter turns over WORST PRESIDENT EVER AWARD to Obama who wins it hands down
1. Most anti-semitic act 2016, UN abstention (Simon Wiesenthal Nazi Hunting organization award)
2. Epic failed foreign policy . All our allies alienated and our enemies flourished (so also says LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Harvard law prof Alan Dershowitz) Doomsday Iran deal greenlights nuclear weapons for them. N. Korea about to test ICBM which can reach LA. China militarizes man made islands in South China Sea.400,000 dead in Syria and Iran/Russia in charge after Obama punts on red line/Isis born and Alquida flourishes.
3. Record poverty
4. All previous accumulated Federal DEBT of 240 years DOUBLED in 8 by him. $20 trillion debt legacy for our grandchildren
5. Poorest ever economic growth over 8 years. Never once over 3%
6. Phony unemployment numbers do not count record low labor participation rate nor mention how many employed are part time
7. Catastrophic Obamacare that costs 3x what he promised, no keep dr. or plan, massive rising premiums
8. So lazy, never bothered to invite republicans to share in policies so resorted to excutive orders rather then laws which can wiped away with a pen and phone
9. Massive record new business killing regulations
10. Coordinated hiring thugs to disrupt and incite violence at trump rallies with hundreds visits Jan Schakowski’s husband to White House
11. Coordinated IRS abuse with hundreds visits of commissioner to White House
12. In alliance with George Soros, inspired riots at furgeson and Baltimore and atmosphere leading to massive spike in killing of cops, race tension and rising city murder rates
13. $100,000,000 tax money spent on his family vacations. Obama was the worst US President ever and Hillary doubled down on his disastrous presidency. https://www.facebook.com/JonathanGinsb/videos/10154584413185837/

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