Monday, January 9, 2017

Is AIPAC meddling hurting Israel?

Is AIPAC meddling hurting Israel?
1. Bibi's position has given lip service to the 2 state solution. Aipac followed suit.
2. Trump's appointed Israel related advisors and son-in-law may realize that a Palestinian nation between israel and Jordan +Gaza is suicide for Israel and just welcoming another radical Muslim nation to be taken over by Hamas. This may REALLY be Bibi's view, but he had to hide it during the catastrophic Obama years. We don't know yet.
3. SO WHY on the Senate bill opposing UNSC 2334,was AIPAC language regarding two-states inserted? Aipac pushed hard for it. Rubio's bill did not originally include it the disastrous 2 state solution language. see it

Are the supporting Israel or now hurting Israel? we shall see shortly.
remember 60% AIPAC supporters are the moronic Democrats.

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