Tuesday, January 17, 2017

John Lewis, failed congressman, leads illgeitmacy charge

John Lewis icon pf civil rights? 1/6 of his constituents are in poverty. Total failure to do his job. Al Sharpton leading protests? pay the millions you owe in taxes first. What are all these black congressman and other radical leftists afraid of? That Trump will actually do something for blacks that these incompetents and morons have never done. That instead of RECORD POVERTY under Obama, progress will be made. McCain 4% black vote. Romney 6%. Trump 8%. If Trump gets 12-15% black vote 2020, Dems will be slaughtered. That is what terrifies them. There horrible policy failures will be exposed and trump will succeed.

BTW this guy Lewis also boycotted Bush inauguration.
WHAT GOOD has he done in the last 40 years?

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