Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Israel does not “occupy” anyone else’s land. Peace not possible with opposition that just wants you dead and gone

A brief brief on the "conflict".
Israel does not “occupy” anyone else’s land. Peace not possible with opposition that just wants you dead and gone.
a. Read the Bible. Jewish land for 4000 years
b. Jews bought most of land it occupies and won the rest in wars others started. Israel has right to exist by international law. Best case of any nation in the world. Israel has legal right to West Bank “Palestinians never said boo when Jordan controlled it illegally from 1948-67.
c. So called Palestinians are phony, made up people that never existed before 1900, most have no historic connection to land but are descendants of carpetbaggers who came when Zionist greened up area
d. Israel has tried numerous times to allow another state between Jordan river and Mediterranean alongside Jewish state, but Palestinians have no interest. They spurned offers and started killing Jews. They want Israel gone and Jews dead. How can anyone make peace with terrorists?
e. Hamas and Fatah are = to Isis, Alquida, Hezbollah, Iran, +60 other Islamo terror organizations. just different PR and tactics. All Islamic based terror groups
f. There are millions of refugees in the world, including 800,000 Jews from Arab lands expelled with no compensation, walking around with keys in the pockets from their homes too but every opther refugee, except “Palestinians” have moved on. As Prof. Dershowitz says to them “get over it”. Why are you clinging to this refugee status for 70 years?
g. Peace CANNOT work with an entity that simply wants you destroyed. Show me ANY evidence that Palestinians will EVER accept a plan that puts them side-by-side a Jewish state permanently. None can exist. Anything else is DELUSIONAL. Jordan is ALREADY a Palestinian state.
FACTS: 1. JORDAN is 2/3rds historic Palestine, which was named tyrannically 2000 years ago by Roman rulers of JEWISH Judea. 2. 2/3rds Jordanians are Palestinians. 3, Jordan is a made up country, begun in 1946. 4. Jordan ILLEGALLY seized West Bank in war of 48. 5. Jordanian monarchy are carbetbagging family from Saudi Arabia. HENCE: Jordan=Palestine. Why should there be 2 Palestinian states??? terrorists.

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