Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Obama tries to save obamacare he lied to pass

Obama on Capital Hill trying to save his catastrophic legacy item, the disastrous Obamacare. How can Democrats not be embarrassed?
Obama lied:
1. he said you could keep your doctor. LIE
2. he said you could keep your plan. LIE
3. he said premiums would go down average $2500 per household. LIE. Massive increases
4. He said it would cost US $900 billion. LIE. It cost 2.7 TRILLION.
5. Obamacare architect Gruber admitted they knew they were lying because they thought we were stupid
6. Obamacare encouraged businesses to NOT hire, by making it go into effect at 32 hours per week and 50 employees.
7. They lie continually when they say republicans have no good alternatives.
8. Doctors fleeing medicine because of
10..EVEN Bill Clinton called it "CRAZY"
11. They purposefully ignored any Republican input. 100% Democrat. No bipartisanship at all. 

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