Friday, January 27, 2017

Why we believe the Democratic Party/LEFT is EVIL. Examples

Why we believe the Democratic Party/LEFT is EVIL. Examples
1.    Man who hired thugs to incite violence at trump rallies visited white House over 300x and married to congresswoman who co-chaired Obama’s campaign
2.     Regular calls for assassination of Trump and rape Melania. Madonna think of blowing up White House.
3.     Several make fun of 10 year old Trump son.  Rosie O'Donnell sparked criticism after she retweeted a video suggesting that Barron Trump “Barron Trump Autistic?” 
            SNL Writer Katie Rich Suspended Indefinitely For Attacking Barron 
4.    Leadership believes in NO limits to abortion, even at last week of pregnancy
5.    IRS which harassed conservative and pro-Israel group’s director visited white House hundreds of times
6.    They embrace blacklivesmatters which embraces Muslim terrorism and advocate killing police
7.    Believe in open borders, so no control of anyone entering USA, including violent criminals and terrorists
8.    Major funder is Nazi lover George Soros, who spent $3 million hiring rioters at Ferguson and Baltimore
10.  Hillary major scandals covered up by press
11.  Hillary pathological lies covered up by press
12.  Wikieaks proved collusion mainstream media and Democrats
13.  Want to limit freedom of speech. Example desire to criminalize anti Muslim talk and challenges to climate change phony science.
14.  Want gun confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens, just as Hitler, Mao and Stalin did.
15.  Decimate Blacks. They control most inner cities, with massive black poverty, rising black on black murders. They have done nothing to improve it in 60 years. Always fought civil rights legislation. Were KKK and slave owners.
16. Israel haters, pro Islamic terrorism. Birthed Isis.
17. Liberals believe a. Republicans caused the financial disaster in 27/8 and b. Obama fixed it. The truth is the OPPOSITE!
18. Democrats refuse to take measures to keep us safe. Massive spike in murder rates in urban areas. Massive increase mass shootings under Obama. Massive increase in Islamic terror incidents. Massive cyber hacking by foreign entities and Hillary leaves our top secrets on unsecured server. Obama gutted our military. Horrible border control allowed illegal criminals and isis in. Glad a grown up has taken over.
19. For head of the DNC, Democrats can choose between
a. Hamas member in Congress Black Muslim follower now lying about it Now they want Hamas’ rep in Congress, Keith Ellison, to head the DNC,…/very-troubling-demo…
b. white woman who says her job will be to shut out other whites/…/white-candidate-for-dnc-chair-say…/
really. How can anyone not be embarrassed to still be a Democrat?
20. Align themselves with Jew killers These leftist jewish women align themselves with Jew KILLERS!!! MEET LINDA SARSOUR - WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON 
Don't you think Linda would be better off fighting for "Women's Rights"
in one of the 56 muslim majority countries in the world, rather than protesting for the right to kill babies in America? This Israel HATING antisemite is one of the organizers of the anti-Trump movement. Linda also has a habit of defending Arabs murdering Jews as a natural response to the "occupation".…
21. They backed the most dangerous president of all times. Obama set loads of records: Just a few .
1. Obama scores the worst legislative record in history
Signed fewer bills into law than one-term Carter
3. Record doubling of all previous debt
4. Most anti-Semitic act 2016 (the UN abstention) according to Wiesenthal Nazi Hunting center
5. Most taxpayer money spent on vacations
7. Most references to self on average per speech
8. Worst ever economic growth, never once reaching 3%
9. Most mass shootings
10. Most islamic terror incidents
11. smallest military in 80 years
12. Most terrorist released from Gitmo
13. Most pardons of criminals

14. His 8 years correlated to largest democratic party losses ever . Congress. Governors. State legislators

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