Friday, January 13, 2017

J'accuse French+71 betray Jews again


French framing Colonel Alfred Dreyfus

highest ranking Jew in French military in 1894, led to Herzl dreaming of a Jewish state. French under Nazis in Vichy government led to massive Jewish deaths and suffering. Now France hosts diabolical conference, planned by Obama, to hurt Israel.
To the 72 nations meeting in Israel to discuss Israel without Israel there, and 5 days before a new Pro Israel US administration takes over from an anti-Semitic one:”
Peace CANNOT work with an entity that simply wants you destroyed.Show me ANY evidence that Palestinians will EVER accept a plan that puts them side-by-side a Jewish state permanently. None can exist. Anything else is DELUSIONAL.

FACTS: 1. JORDAN is 2/3rds historic Palestine, which was named tyrannically 2000 years ago by Roman rulers of JEWISH Judea. 2. 2/3rds Jordanians are Palestinians. 3, Jordan is a made up country, begun in 1946. 4. Jordan ILLEGALLY seized West Bank in war of 48. 5. Jordanian monarchy are carbetbagging family from Saudi Arabia. HENCE: Jordan=Palestine. Why should there be 2 Palestinian states??? Trumps team of Kushner, David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, John Bolton etc all get it.
Will fall on deaf ears because Obama/Kerry/Rice/Varaie Jarrett/Powers all want Israel weakened, if not gone and Islamo terrorism to spread.
Peace CANNOT work with an entity that simply wants you destroyed. Palestinians, phony, invented made –up people that has NO HISTORY, never wanted “peace’. All is a step towards destruction of Israel, stealing Jewish land and killing as many Jews as possible. . Jewish blood will no longer be so cheap. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Isis, Al Quidaa, Hezbollah, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad Hamas and Palestinian Authority + 60 other offshoots.. They are all Islamic terrorists. Trump says "Israel stay strong until Jan 20". He is quoting the Torah "hazak veematz be strong and of good courage

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