Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama set loads of records: Just a few

Obama set loads of records: Just a few .
1. Obama scores the worst legislative record in history
Signed fewer bills into law than one-term Carter
3. Record doubling of all previous debt
4. Most anti-Semitic act 2016 (the UN abstention) according to Wiesenthal Nazi Hunting center
5. Most taxpayer money spent on vacations
6. Most large scandals
7. Most references to self on average per speech
8. Worst ever economic growth, never once reaching 3%
9. Most mass shootings
10. Most islamic terror incidents
11. smallest military in 80 years
12. Most terrorist released from Gitmo
13. Most pardons of criminals
14. His 8 years correlated to largest democratic party losses ever . Congress. Governors. State legislators

15. Hillary got 11 million few votes than he did in 2008. Largest drop in same party over 8 years.

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