Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Obama goes out with dangerous bang

During Obama reign of incompetence and hostility to USA,
Goes out with a dangerous bang: stabs Israel in back at UN, releases more dangerous terrorists at Gitmo, gives uranium to Iran, massive new business killing regulations, prohibits drilling for oil, escalates tensions with Russia, goes on by by tour and LIES about his 8 years. truth:
Isis born and spreads to 30 nations. Islamic terror in 60 nations. Obama does nothing.
Russian hacking for years and invade Crimea, gains foothold in Middle East. Obama does nothing.
Iranians advance in nuclear weapons program and spreads terror worldwide. Obama does nothing.
N. Korea ready to test ICBM that can hit LA anytime. Obama does nothing.
China builds Islands in S. China Sea and weaponizes them. Obama does nothing.
Dozens foreign inspired terror attacks on US soil despite Obama’s lies to contrary. Obama does nothing.
Nazi Hunter Wiesenthal organization calls Obama’s UN abstention single greatest anti-Semitic act 2016
Does nothing to stop slaughter 400,000 in Syria
All of our allies feel betrayed
America saddled with doubling all previous debt, a gutted military, record poverty, record low labor participation rate, middle class wealth drops, Obamacare disaster, home ownership drops, growing income inequality, racial discord, surge in cop killings, surge in mass shootings, surge in terrorist events, corruption of our cherished Federal agencies: IRS, CIA, FBI, Homeland, Justice, State

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