Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Evil, stupid Jewish USA left and smart Israeli Jews

Evil, stupid Jewish USA left and smart Israeli Jews. Isis head could get the Jewish vote in USA as long he said he favored abortion and Obamacare.
While 1. Ivanka Trump will be missing her dad's inaugural ball for higher authority: Shabbos. But Democratic Jewish ladies march on Shabbat in DC, alongside radical Muslim Israel hating groups to protest Trump, and 2. 300 Democratic Jewish "leader" write letter to support for Keith Ellison, Hamas' man in Congress to head DNC, and 3. after Nazi hunting Weisenthal Center says Obama's UN action on Israel was most anti-Semitic act of 2016 in the world, and Obama pushed through genocidal Iran deal, 4. only 4% of Israelis want left of center government while in US 72% Jews voted for corrupt Hillary

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