Friday, May 13, 2016

Chicago black on black murders Everyone gets it wrong.

Chicago black on black murders
Everyone gets it wrong. O'reilly going ballistic tonight on Fox about horrendous black on black murders in Chicago, blaming mayor and Governor and asking where is National Guard to stop the drug gangs. Yes we need strong anti crime law enforcement. BUT< The only way to stop it is long term end to disastrous liberal/Democratic welfare policies that have 1. They cost $22 trillion over 60 years since LBJ War on Poverty. Utter failure. 2. failed to stop poverty. we have record poverty under obama 3. been associated with massive surge of teenage unwed mother births, fatherless households. The boys grow up in fatherless homes and turn to gangs as surrogate fathers. Study in LA of 100,000 gangs members showed 0 had fathers in their homes. This is a direct result of welfare polices which precluded welfare if there was working man in the home. If you say this out loud you are called a racist but it is the truth and the ONLY solution. Liberals /Democrats control our cities and they are being destroyed. Democrats, can't you seethe evil liberal policies, no matter how well intentioned, bring about. Liberalism is evil. Black leaders won't say this. Blacklivesmatter insanely focus on the tiny number of doscriminatory cops, when this massive black on black violence is the real tragedy.

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