Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hillary embraces obama's nightmare presidency, adds treason, lying, bribery, incompetency to Obama's legacy

Easy choice in November. .Obama administration has slipped, and admitted both his MAIN policy “achievements, catastrophes both, Iran deal and Obamacare, were sold on LIES. Hillary applauds both policies. No surprise from this pathological liar. She applauds all of Obama’s worst-ever presidency, horrible economy, weakening America, emboldening our adversaries and enemies and alienating our allies.
How can Democrats not be disgusted with Hillary? To let Hillary be elected is INSANE. She is a known CORRUPT, RADICALLY LEFT, TREASONOUS, PRO AMNESTY, INCOMPETENT, PRO MUSLIM APPEASEMENT, lying, treasonous, worst Secr. Of State, Women abusing, HIGHER TAXES, ANTI COAL, ANTI GUN, extremist!
Trump’s positions are detailed and excellent for America. He has been an astounding success in life, adored by his tens of thousands employees.
More explanation:

Her remarkable record of failure and scandal:
-failed DC bar exam , but will make Supreme Court radically left for a generation: ending freedom speech, gun rights, religious freedom
-Fired from Whitewater committee for unethical behavior. 
-Set up phony foundation (10% only goes to charity) funded by bribes from terrorist nations. 
-allows top secret personal emails to be hacked by our enemies when she is top diplomat in country. -lies constantly. Benghazi, being under sniper fire,, being named for Sir Hillary, and dozens more
-Allowed Americans to be massacred by Islamic terrorist thugs at Benghazi and did nothing and then lied about it to cover for islamic terrorism
-led campaign to abuse women her husband abused. 
-Justified Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets at random targets in Israel.
-Is hated by her Secret Service detail for out of control anger issues.
-On whose watch 4 Arab countries fell apart to terrorists.
-On whose watch, Iran deal was hatched and later got $150 billion to finance more terror and a path to nuclear arms.
-Mentored by radical Saul Alinsky, as was Obama.
- Says we should fight Islamic terror with more “love and Kindness”
-Has over 80 close associates who have died under mysterious circumstances as it became clear they endangered Clintons in some way.
-She laughs about getting child rapist off for technicality.
-Wants to kill coal and fracking industry, making nus more and more dependent on Muslim oil
How Clinton CORRUPTION works. Bill gets $750,000 speaker fees from countries asking Secr. of State Hillary for favors. They include the world's worst nations. Favors are granted. Bill says he will continue this when she is president because "he needs to pay the bills". see details in this book with 30 pages of footnotes: The phony Clinton foundation through which the cash was laundered spent 10% on charity. the rest on financing their lavish lifestyle.…/clinton-foundation-money-laund…/
TREASON: This is all besides the treason she committed by allowing private server emails to be hacked by our enemies. 150 FBI agents working on those crimes, though doubtful Obama will ok FBI recommendation to prosecute.

Her supporters must be delusional, mentally unstable, stupid, or so kool-aid drinking libs that they can't think straight.…/hillary-supporters-…
VS. Trump 
1. Has made a fortune in business
2. Employed thousands who love him
3. Will be a be a GREAT President:because will
a. Rebuild Obama gutted military
b. Oppose and curb Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian, Isis etc expansion.
c. Gut and replace catastrophic Obamacare
d. Stop Irs, EPA and regulatory abuse
e. Stop the gazillions of wasted Federal dollars
f. Stop abuse of our Veterans
g. Expel tens of thousands of violent illegal migrant felons
h. Build the wall, just as Mexico built wall o its southern border to make immigration orderly again
i. Defend our allies, especially Israel
j. Reduce taxes to grow economy and produce jobs
k.…/why-trump-could-be-great… and…/top-ten-reasons-for-supp…

Trump’s positions are detailed and excellent for America. He has been an astounding success in life, adored by his tens of thousands employees.
Sources on Hillary
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2. Fired from Watergate committee for unethical behavior…/fact-check-was-hillary-clinton-fi…
3. Scandal after scandal along the way…/tracking-the-clinton-c…/396182/
4. Secr. of state…/hillary_clinton_americas_w…
5. Hundreds of Hillary lies…/
6. JUSTIFIES Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets at random targets inside Israel…/…/why-islamic-terrori… 
7. Long anti-Israel history…/hillarys-anti-israe…-

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