Sunday, May 29, 2016

Phony made-up Palestinians just want Israel destroyed. BDS is subterfuge

1. There is NO occupation of Palestine. There are no illegal settlements. Phony Palestinians just want Israel gone and Jews dead. Any other view is delusional or anti-Semitism. Israel is the historic (4000 year old) homeland of the Jewish people and today one of the most successful nations on earth. 1.5 million Arab citizens of Israel live better and freer than any Arab in 22 Arab nations.
There never was an historic Muslim Palestinian people.If there were, Jordan and Egypt could have established a “Palestinian State” from 1948 -1967 when they controlled West bank and Gaza. Palestine was Jewish in ancient times. The “West Bank” is historic Jewish land. Just read the Bible.
Overwhelmingly people who claim to be Palestinians never lived inside the area. They are descendants 1 or 2 generations of carpetbaggers from the region. If this phony people truly wanted a state next to Israel, they could have accepted the extremely generous plans of Omert and Barak, 2 Israel prime Ministers and they’d stop teaching their kindergarteners to want to kill Israelis. Instead they rejected the proposals with violence and just teach violence and terror. “East Jerusalem” is not Arab. There are 200,000 Jews there too.
The “Free Palestine”, BDS and “end the occupation”, are about destroying all OF Israel, killing Jews and enhancing terror, not about establishing a state next to Jewish Israel.
2. The Arab world does not care about the issue either. They use it as a wedge vs Israel. Palestinian groups are just some of 85 other Islamic terrorist groups including Isis and Alquida. Palestinian Hamas now with isis

3. BDS is effort to DESTROY Israel. It is led by Islamic terrorist organizations: Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Student Association, CAIR, and Students for Justice in Palestine are all linked to these terror groups. while Israel defends itself in the most ethical way of any nation.

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