Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hypocrite Hillary says Egypt plane terrorism shows we need leadership even as she takes $2 BILLION in bribes, mostly from jihadi nations

Hillary says Egyptian terror incident today shows we need leadership. Hypocrite has taken $2 BILLION in bribes, much from jihadi nations while she was Secr. Of State for her phony foundation. Hillary is: Corrupt, lying, bribe taking, treasonous, murderous Hillary. Most dangerous candidate ever. Her presidency:  unvettable Syrian rapefugees in, appeasement of enemies (Russian reset, China, pro Obama’s iran deal), disintegration of Middle East she caused, and using world as her personal piggybank.  Men saying they feel like women use girls showers, guns confiscated from law abiders, no barriers to illegal immigrants, the terrorist nations that donated $2 BILLION hugely to her phony foundation have free rein, Israel persecuted, Russia and China run free, jobs destroyed, violent illegal felons not deported, massive new business killing regulations of small businesses, massive tax increases, Isis dealt with by "love and kindness, our military remains gutted, Iran gets appeased to go forward with terrorism, we still have no missile defense program, record poverty continues, continue to abuse the women Bill abuses. Catastrophic presidency awaits us all.   #NEVERHILLARY

2.       Hillary is pro violent Islamic jihade Phony foundation has taken HUGE Islamic terrorist bribes

Top 17 reasons show Hillary to be most corrupt, dangerous criminal, treasonous person ever to run for president

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