Saturday, May 7, 2016

Zionist quiz? Which candidate

Zionist quiz? Which candidate
1.       Was Grand marshal of Israel parade in NYC?  DT
2.       Publicly supported Bibi? DT
3.       Appointed top pro Israel advisors to head his Israel advisory committee DT
4.       Never screamed at Bibi about building apartments in Jerusalem DT
5.       Publicly stated Israel should build in Judea and Samaria DT
6.       Wants to stop Islamic immigration to USA until we can sort out and vet properly who is pro terrorism DT
7.       Was secr of State when Arab countries disintegrated to terrorism strongholds? HC
8.       Took millions in bribes for her phony foundation from terrorist nations HC
9.       Has long history of anti-Israel statements and policies HC
10.   Released emails she tried to suppress show vicious anti Israel emails from top advisors HC
11.   Top aid is Muslim from family full of terrorists HC
12.   Justified Hamas missiles saying Gaza is small so they have to shoot from hospitals and schools HC
13.   Called Judea west bank occupied in her book HC
14.   Supports obama’s catastrophic Iran deal HC
15.   Says obama’s catastrophic Iran deal worst deal ever? DT


Besides being the most corrupt, lying, dangerous person ever to run for president,,
Hillary's top aid for decades, Huma, is from Muslim brotherhood family.
Now she wants to bring in huge # of unvettable Syrian rapefugees, 80% of whom are military age men, sent by isis to conquest.
She wants open borders to terrorists can sneak in.
She eschews waterboarding which was done on 3 people and directly led to Bin Laden capture. Hypocrites Obama and Hillary claim Bin laden success
She justified terrorist hamas shooting 10,000 missiles at Israel from schools and hospitals by suggesting they had no other space to shoot them from
She claimed in her book Israel is illegally occupying territory
When Israel built some apartments in Jerusalem, as Secr. of state, she called BIBI and screamed at him for an hour.
Long anti-Israel history

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