Friday, May 20, 2016

What will a Hillary presidency look like? if this is the America you want, stay home or vote for the most corrupt, dangerous, lying, pro jihad, and free enterprise candidate ever

What will a Hillary presidency look like? if this is the America you want, vote for the most corrupt candidate ever. If you want business to roar, secure borders, a pro freedom Supreme court, pro-Israel, anti jihad, pro freedom POTUS, vote trump.
1.        Hillary Decidedly pro Islamic terror, anti Israel  policies
a.      Hillary have been the most pro jihad in US history.,
c.      Her criminal phony foundation has taken hundreds of millons in bribes from jihadist nations, even when she was Secr. Of State
d.     She wants to fight isis wih “love and kindness”
e.      Isis was created when she was secr of State
f.       She lied about true nature of organized Aluida attack at Benghazi, blaming it on video
g.     On her watch, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya fell apart to terrorists
h.     Tried to justify Hamas sending 10,000 misiles at Israel from schools and hospitals by suggesting gaza is “small”
i.       Emails she thought would stay private show unbelievable animosity towards Israel from closets advisors
2.        Corruption run amuck       She is most corrupt person ever to run for Potus
3.     Poverty grows      She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to record poverty.
4.     Our massive doubt, doubled under Obama, will grow worse       She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to doubling our national debt.
5.     Obamanomics which led to more businesses CLOSING than opening, will accelerate.     She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to strangulation of business and record number of people quit looking for work.
6.     Anemic annual growth will continue.     She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to lowest growth of economy for 8 straight years. He never once got to 3%!!!
7.     Will be lied to daily      She is a pathological liar.
8.     Will let our adversaries and enemies kn ow our top top secrets     Her email scandal is treason, our top top secrets hacked by Russia, china, North Korea
9.     As her husband continues to rape, abuse, harass women, she will lead campaign to vilify the victims, as she has always done.   She is a woman abuser. Led the campaign to vilify some of the 2000 women bill had and some abused.
10. Iran deal will continue, and their world worst terrorism will be uncontrolled.   Under her watch as Secr. Of State, the Arab world fell apart, the genocidal Iran deal was created,
11. Her radical Supreme Court appointments will take away all guns except from criminals, make it ILLEGAL to criticize islam, as it is now in Canada, make it ILLEGAL to argue vs climate change, as Dems are now asking, fine businesses that mistakenly call transgender man a Mrs.
12. Russia and China will continue to expand and harass us
13. The massive illegal immigration on southern border will accelerate since she wants to tear down all walls.
14. She will destroy the coal and frackiong industry, making us ever more dependent on Arab oil.
15. World’s highest corporate tax rate will continue, driving more companies overseas
16.  All bathrooms will be open to genders of either party,
18.    Obamacare will continue driving up our costs, driving doctors out, killing jobs.
19.    Racial tensions will continue to worsen
20.    She will continue Common Core
21.    She will not enhance our gutted military
22.    She will continue to use the IRS and EPA to abuse conservatives Obama has done
23.     She’s doubling down on worst presidential term ever Obama worst, most destructive President ever. has done 

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