Sunday, May 29, 2016

#nevertrumpers. STOP BEING STUPID

#nevertrumpers. STOP BEING STUPID Memo to Michael Medved, Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg, Jennifer Rubin, Brett Stephens, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Bush family, George Will, Mark Levin and the other #nevertrumpers.
Listen to Hannity, Prager, Mike Gallagher, ex Prez Bob Dole, Perry, Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Trump wasn’t their first choice but he is infinitely better than Hillary and so they will support him

Maybe your position is actually for Hillary to win so you can keep your gigs of opposition going. That is so selfish, it is beneath you if true.
You are all standing on your antipathy for Trump to say you will never vote for him, and want him to lose badly. IDIOCY. You all claim to be conservatives and care about the USA. Medved has this ridiculous idea that a 3rd or 4th party could yield a winner. Bizarre. It will be either the Dem candidate or trump.
If your stupidity on this results in a Hillary victory, you will have achieved
-A Supreme Court that will be left for a generation. We will lose our right to bear arms, free speech ( will be illegal to criticize islam or climate change), thuggery to disupt our right to assemble and speak will be permitted,
-The end, forever, of any chance a conservative will win. The Dems wil bring in so many Mexicans and central Americans illegally and then give them the right to vote
-massive influx of Muslims, as Obama has done, from countries with 90% support of jihad ans shariah
-end of support for Israel
-USA bankrupt
-military further gutted
And on and on and on

Bernie Sanders, actually a Communist, wrong on all issues, will further destroy America if elected
Obama is the worst president ever. Hillary will be as bad.
What a joke. Obama says Trump rattles world leaders. It is Obama who rattles them

Democratic fascists. Elect Hillary or Bernie and lose our freedom
Why Trump could be a great President. Obama is the worst. Hillary dangerous

Why are Democrats apologists for Islamic terrorism?

If you CLAIM to be an Israel supporter, only one choice in November. TRUMP!!

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