Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Islam, USA, Israel and the world

Islam, USA, Israel and the world
1.     Phony Palestinians just want Israel gone and Jews dead. Any other view is delusional or anti-Semitism.
They are just one of 85 other Islamic terrorist groups including Isis and Alquida.
3.      BDS is effort to DESTROY Israel. It is led by Islamic terrorist organizations: Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Student Association, CAIR, and Students for Justice in Palestine are all linked to these terror groups.  while Israel defends itself in the most ethical way of any nation.
4.          Why there is no such thing as islamophobia. Phobias are IRRATIONAL. Fearing Islam is rational. Not fearing islam is lunacy.
5.      Democrats want to endanger us by bringing is more Muslim rapefugees
6.     The evidence is clear that Obama aids and abets Islamic jihad. 300+ examples
7.      Obama/Clinton/Democratic Iran appeasement endangers the world
8.     10 reasons why Islamic terrorists want Hillary to be president 
10.  Not all muslims support violence but there are approximately 390 million radical Islamic jihadists in world. These Muslims: Rape, Murder, Terrorism, Kill gays, enslave blacks, kill converts, child brides, Honor kill daughters, genital mutilation

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