Saturday, May 14, 2016

Democrats/liberals/leftists will ALWAYS try and change the topic, divert attention and cry racism, because they can't win on the merits

Democrats/liberals/leftists will ALWAYS try and change the topic, divert attention and cry racism, because they can't win on the merits. We must repeat the facts over and over, daily, to anyone who will pay attention, hoping it will sink in.
EASY CHOICE in NOVEMBER. Corrupt, incompetent, jihadi loving liar vs Billionaire success story
     +How are Democrats not disgusted with their candidate? Corrupt, lying, incompetent, bribe taking, jihadi loving, Israel hating, Obama embracing, radical Alinsky mentored, scandal ridden, treasonous, no borders, Benghazi killer who wants to confiscate guns, will appoint radical leftists to supreme court and pledges to destroy coal miners making us dependent on Arab oil, VS Billionaire success beloved by the thousands employed by him, who will make America great again after Obama tried to weaken and harm us.

     Hillary doubles down and applauds worst presidency ever as Democrats go far far left: Obama legacy: His staff admits lying to pass horrific Obamacare and Iran deal. Doubles ALL previous Federal debt. Worst recovery from recession ever. First president to never have annual growth 3% or more. More businesses fail than start. Highest corporate tax rates drive businesses out of country. VA continues to abuse veterans. Record poverty. Record high racial tension. Military gutted to lowest levels in 70 years. Explosion of Islamic terrorism. China and Russia on march. Israel shunned. Heavy middle class losses. Record new regulations strangle business and kill jobs. Murder rates skyrockets in cities. No control of borders as illegal immigration surges.
Hillary took 2 billion in bribes from mostly enemies of USA for their phony foundation. Who will exercise control over her for these bribes? Who bribed Hillary? We’ll never know it all.  They spent 0% on charity, the rest of support their lavish lifestyle. We kniow they loied on their tax records of it. and then donates proceeds to friends and woman Bill wants to have sex with.
She led ABUSE campaign of the women her husband assaulted.

TRUMP WILL: Close our border to illegal immigration, rebuild our gutted military, rebuild our infrastructure, destroy Isis, revive our own energy producers, take care of our abused veterans, get rid of the nightmare Obamacare and Iran deal, support Israel’s ability to defend itself, let us keep guns as constitution allows, appoint non crazy radicals to the supreme court, reduce the world’s highest corporate taxes to keep companies in USA, stop Isis from penetrating our borders

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