Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How Clinton CORRUPTION works

How Clinton CORRUPTION works. Bill gets $750,000 speaker fees from countries asking Secr. of State Hillary for favors. They include the world's worst nations. Favors are granted. Bill says he will continue this when she is president because "he needs to pay the bills". see details n this book with 30 pages of footnotes: The phony Clinton foundation through which the cash was laundered spent 10% on charity. the rest on financing their lavish lifestyle.
This is besides the treason she committed by allowing private server emails to be hacked by our enemies. 150 FBI agents working on those crimes, though doubtful Obama will ok FBI recommendation to prosecute.
If you aren’t for Trump now, then you are for corrupt, lying, dangerous, murderous, women abusive, fascistic, incompetent, pro Islamic terrorism-anti Israel Hillary
Obama worst POTUS ever. Jihadist.
Hillary wants to continue Obama legacy.

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