Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great endorsement of trump's health care plans

C Steven Tucker since 2010, and he is considered by many to be a national health care insurance expert. 
"In both of Mr. Trump’s books he calls for the following private sector reform alternatives. Some of which are also called for under both Senator Cruz’s “Health Choice Act of 2015” and Dr. Ben Carson’s plan among others. In addition to federal and state reforms, they include:
1.) Repeal of the McCarran Ferguson Act so health insurance can be sold across state lines.
2.) Expansion of Health Savings Accounts to promote price transparency & accountability.
3.) Tort (or Medical Malpractice Reform)
4.) Reform of our health care safety nets including block granting Medicaid back to the states so states have more control.
5.) Mr. Trump has most recently added necessary reforms to be made to our broken Veteran’s Administration health care system specifically because it, like all other Single Payer systems is an unmitigated disaster!

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