Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why not Hillary? 30 reasons

1.       Laughed about getting rapist off
2.       Led campaign to abuse women Bill raped
3.       Took $100 MILLION from BLOOD MONY COMPANIES
4.       Took $100 MILLION from Muslim nations
5.       90+ acquaintances dies mysteriously after being danger to Clintons’
6.       TREASON emails on private server hacked by our enemies of top top secrets
7.       Phony criminal charitable foundation launders money for lavish lifestyle
And bribes from world’s worst actors
8.       Emails show deep hatred for Israel
9.       Justified hamas terrorists 10,000 missiles from schools at Israel because “Gaza” small
10.  She is most corrupt person ever to run for Potus
11.   She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to record poverty.
12.   wants to double down on Obama’s catastrophic presidency 
13.   She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to doubling our national debt.
14.   She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to strangulation of business and record number of people quit looking for work.
15.   She applauds Obama’s policies which have led to lowest growth of economy for 8 straight years
16.   She is a pathological liar
18.  She wants to confiscate guns.
19.   She wants to destroy the coal industry
20.   She wants no border controls
21.   Her economic plans destroy business, jobs, strangle the economy
22.   She has scandal after scandal after scandal Most scandal ridden person ever to run 
24.   Out-of-control anger Is hated by her Secret Service detail for out of control anger issues.
26.   On whose watch 4 Arab countries fell apart to terrorists.
27.  Began and supports Iran deal negotiations of which she approves. They admit they lied to sell it http://www.weeklystandard.com/obamas-foreign-policy-guru-boasts-of-how-the-administration-lied-to-sell-the-iran-deal/article/2002252
28. Flip flops so much we have no idea what she actually will do https://www.gop.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-hillarys-flip-flops/
29. Fired for unethical behavior as staff on Watergate committee
30 Ignored 600 requests for more security at Benghazi and then when 4 Americans killed  y organized terrorist action, she LIED to familiesd and USA
31. http://strongandresolute.blogspot.com/2016/05/hillary-is-national-security-risk.html

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