Monday, May 9, 2016

Horrors of the LEFT/Democrats. Fascism, deny free speech, create poverty, mass murder.

Horrors of the LEFT/Democrats. Fascism, deny free speech, ban soda, create poverty, mass murder
The left are fascists and have always been. Think nazi germany, Stalin, Mao, Cuba etc. They can't compete in the marketplace of ideas so they try and shut down conservative thought. They are trying to criminalize free speech in the USA, making criminals out of those criticizing radical islam
or phony climate change ( have done so in some countries already and threatened expulsion and shut down free speech on many campuses. Facebook has now been revealed to censure conservative news.
IRS abused conservative and pro israel groups at behest of Obama
They start by denying your right to by a 32 ounce soda and go from there.
Just as Muslims are supposed to lie to advance their cause of jihad (tikkiyah), so the left does. Witness admissions from obama admin. that they sold BOTH Obamacare and iran deal based on LIES.
Millions are championing self-proclaimed socialist Bernie, who is actually an old fashioned communist, (

while the majority of the left backs Alinsky radical mentored, Hillary. 

They create poverty, and lead to mass murder on genocidal levels.
Obama has driven our economy hard left, resulting in record poverty and first time ever no growth above 3%, while doubling all previous US debt. A disaster.
Socialist nations? Killed hundreds of millions in 20th century: Nazis, Stalin, Mao, Pol pot.
They deprive their citizens of rights and persecute them today: Cuba and Venezuela.
Their citizens live in dire poverty. Example Venezuela where they are starving.
Only capitalism has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty.
Israel economy has skyrocketed since it dropped socialism for capitalism.
Europe socialist nations headed that way.
Leftist Obama was worst president ever. Hillary will be worse. Don’t make the same mistake.
Obama’s nightmare presidency
Hillary plans to double down on Obama disaster
To let Hillary be elected is INSANE. She is a known CORRUPT, RADICALLY LEFT, TREASONOUS, PRO AMNESTY, INCOMPETENT, PRO MUSLIM APPEASEMENT, lying, treasonous, worst Secr. Of State, Women abusing, HIGHER TAXES, ANTI COAL, ANTI GUN, extremist!
Trump’s positions are detailed and excellent for America. He has been an astounding success in life, adored by his tens of thousands employees.

For those not on board with Trump yet, read Bobby Jindal’s wise words.

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