Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How Democrats HURT US ALL. EVIL!!!!

How Democrats HURT US ALL. EVIL!!!!
1.       How Liberals/Democrats are destroying the world by enabling Islamic jihadism, and wanting to import 100,000 rapefugees
2.       Economy:
a.       Obamanomics have led to record poverty, more businesses closing than opening, record  people who quit looking for work, doubling all previous US debt, record poor recovery from recession, resurgence of racial tension. First POTUS EVER with growth never reaching 3% annually, middle class wealth losses
Bill Clinton mostly responsible for the recession
3.       Obama Gutting our military and weakness has emboldened our adversaries: China, Russia, Isis, Alquida, North Korea
4.       How Democrats shamefully and reprehensibly LIE
a.       Obama staff admits that Obamacare was passed on lies they told us gullible citizens
b.      Obama staff admits lying to pass catastrophic Iran deal

5.       Bernie lies by covering up his deep Communist ties
6.       Democrats want to Destroy Bill of Rights
a.       Free speech. All over USA, college campuses and republican rallies, Democrats try and shut down speech by conservatives and democrats. Used IRS to oppress oppomnents of Democrats.
b.      Freedom of Religion: Obama wants to FORCE Catholic organizations to violate religious beliefs and mandate providing contraceptives in health plans. Was REJECTED by Supreme Court
c.       2nd Amendment Hillary wants to take away your guns. Will lead to resurgence of violence.     and
7.       Democrats want to steal elections by resisting voter ID
9.       Hillary most CORRUPT/EVIL candidate ever.
Hillary is: Corrupt, lying, bribe taking, treasonous, murderous Hillary. Most dangerous candidate ever. Her presidency:  unvettable Syrian rapefugees in, appeasement of enemies (Russian reset, China, pro Obama’s iran deal), disintegration of Middle East she caused, and using world as her personal piggybank.  Men saying they feel like women use girls showers, guns confiscated from law abiders, no barriers to illegal immigrants, the terrorist nations that donated $2 BILLION hugely to her phony foundation have free rein, Israel persecuted, Russia and China run free, jobs destroyed, violent illegal felons not deported, massive new business killing regulations of small businesses, massive tax increases, Isis dealt with by "love and kindness, our military remains gutted, Iran gets appeased to go forward with terrorism, we still have no missile defense program, record poverty continues, continue to abuse the women Bill abuses. Catastrophic presidency awaits us all.   #NEVERHILLARY

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