Friday, May 27, 2016

Third Party ‘Helping to Elect Hillary Clinton’

 RNC Condemns Bill Kristol’s Anti-Trump Third Party as ‘Helping to Elect Hillary Clinton’

WASHINGTON—The Republican National Committee (RNC) is throwing cold water on pundit Bill Kristol’s efforts to form a third party to challenge Donald Trump in the general election.

Bill Kristol, son of Irving, is trying to get retired senator Tom Coburn or retired Texas governor Rick Perry to run independently if the GOP Establishment can’t figure out how to broker the convention in Cleveland to deny Trump the nomination.
RNC spokesman Sean Spicer told Breitbart News that “any effort to facilitate a third party ultimately is helping to elect Hillary Clinton.”
“The Republican Party must be united to take back the White House,” Spicer said.
Kristol has been touting his potential third party on Twitter.

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