Thursday, May 12, 2016

Why vote for Trump. Easy choice. Dayenu is a Hebrew song during Passover which means “it would be sufficient”.

Don’t stay home or vote 3rd party. You hand election to a monster. Edmund Burke: “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” It is an easy choice between Hillary and trump.
Dayenu is a Hebrew song during Passover which means “it would be sufficient”.
Why Dayenu to vote for Trump. Thanks to Dennis Prager for the idea. Any one of these points is sufficient to vote Trump.
Supreme Court appointments. Dayenu
Not leave our military gutted. Dayenu
Cut corporate taxes to stimulate growth, instead of just redistributing a shrinking pie. Dayenu
Changing Obamacare. Dayenu
Not everything out of his mouth is a lie. Dayenu
Not continue Obama’s disastrous policies. Dayenu.
Not opening our borders for anyone to come in Dayenu
Not trying to stop isis with just love and kindness dayenu
Not having president who was worst Secretary of State ever. Dayenu
Not having Potus for whom 90 close associates died under mysterious circumstances. Dayenu
Having president who wants Israel to build in Judea and Samaria Dayenu
Not having Potus who endorses Obama’s catastrophic iran deal dayenu
Not having Potus whose top aid is from Moslem brotherhood family Dayenu
Not having Potus who was mentored by “rules for radicals” Saul Alinsky Dayenu
Not having Potus who allowed our worst adversaries and enemies hack our top secrets because she used private server instead of State Dept. Dayenu
Our guns will not be confiscated by oppressive government dayenu
It will not be illegal to criticize islam or phony climate change. Dayenu
Will not force all bathrooms to allow biological men in women’s showers. Dayenu
He has amassed $10 billion in free market, has 550 companies, employs thousands of people who love him. Dayenu
Won’t have Potus fired from Senate committee for unethical behavior (Hillary from Watergate hearings.) Dayenu
Won’t have Potus, who, as attorney, laughed about getting rapist of young girl off on technicality. Dayenu
Hillary pays Foundation female staff 38% less than male employees. Dayenu
Won’t have Potus who justified Hamas shooting 10,000 rockets indiscriminately at Israel by suggesting they needed to shoot from schools and hospitals because Gaza is small. Dayenu

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