Friday, May 13, 2016

Hillary daily concern issue #4 supports radical islamic jihad

1. ten reasons Muslim jihadists prefer her 
2. long history anti israel policies
3. emails she tried to hide show deep hatred for israel from her top asvisors
4. # 1adviser for many years comes from Islamic terrorist family
5. has taken bribes through their phony foundation from jihadist nations, inclusing one $100 million gift
6. we don't even know the full extent of her bribes
7. Under her watch as Secr. of satte, isis was born, Alquida expanded significantly, 4 Arab nations imploded to become lawless terrorist states  Incompetent. Worst secr. State of all time
8. she supports obama's catastrophic iran policy.
IRAN deal sold by LIES
9. justifies Hamas shooting 10,000 missiles at israel
10.Says we should fight Islamic terror with more “love and Kindness”
11. refuses to see any connection between islam and 99.9% of terror conducted by Muslims
2. Stated wants to kill coal, opposes fracking thereby keeping us dependent on Arab oil.

Wants to destroy isis
Hates iran deal
Huge supporter of israel
Wants to temporarily ban Muslim immigration until we can be assured we can vet the safe ones

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